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Your Inner Child on April Fool’s day

March 31, 2010

RWS 2.0 FoolA few days ago I did my federal tax return, and when I was done I somewhat facetiously said that now my inner child was demanding some fun time since he had to suffer through my taxes.  Then, while thinking about my inner child, I suddenly realized that this is what the Fool card represents!  Not in all readings, of course, but this is a very important aspect of it that I’ve not seen explored elsewhere. (There is a deck called “Inner Child Cards” but that’s different.)  So sometimes when the Fool appears in a reading, maybe you need to pause a moment to listen to what your inner child wants.  Or maybe you can do a guided visualization into this card to see what your inner child is trying to tell you. (You may want to see my blog post titled, A Guided Visualization with the Fool card.)

Besides the Fool, the Tarot’s Page cards seem also to indicate our inner child.  When one of them appears in a reading, it may indicate a very specific demand that your inner child is making since the Pages are influenced by their suit characteristics.  For example, you might use the following correspondences:

*  Page of Wands: Your inner child wants some excitement … maybe a bit of adventure

*  Page of Cups: Your inner child needs to feel loved and cared for

*  Page of Swords: Your inner child is feeling argumentative

*  Page of Pentacles: Your inner child wants some comfort food

Of course, you will want to find correspondences that work for you and your own inner child.  For example, for some people, the Page of Swords might say that their inner child wants to curl up with a good book.

Although this discovery is one that I have only begun to explore, I think that seeing this aspect of these cards (the Fool and the Pages) is important.  Certainly, we ignore the wants and needs of our inner child at our peril, for when s/he doesn’t get what s/he wants, watch out for a tantrum that can throw a monkey wrench into our future endeavors. Also, if any of these cards are in a problematic position (such as being reversed or in a “problem” spread position) they may indicate that we have a “wounded inner child” of some sort that we need to heal.

As I explore this concept further, I may add more posts on this topic. But in the meantime, if you have any thoughts or experiences using this sort of correspondence, I’d love to hear them.






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  1. I really enjoyed reading your Blog James!!! Not being very “smart” about Tarot (I’m still very much a “newbie”), your blog is easy to read & understand…it gets right to the point and I love that!


  2. David Attwood permalink

    Interesting, James. In a class that I teach we were discussing the childlike attitudes that sometime arise when one of the Pages appear in a spread. I’ll use your correspondences in the next class and see to what depth we can go. Thanks

  3. Fabulous insight! I love your inner child interpretation, and so true!

  4. Ana and reikireadings — Thanks to both of you too.

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