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Four of Cups — Suggestions?

June 2, 2010

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I have pulled the same card (Four of Cups from my Tarot of the Masters deck) repeatedly for one particular situation in my life.  It happened again today, and it’s getting to be rather ridiculous.  Of course, as we all know, it’s very hard to read the cards for ourselves, but I thought I had it figured out.  Now, for several reasons, I’m not so sure anymore, so I thought I’d ask my readers for a little help if I might.

Sometimes when you can’t figure out a card’s message in a self-reading, it’s useful to get different perspectives on a card.  So here’s my question.  Take a quick look at this card and just see what’s the first thing that comes into your head.  It might be a simple phrase or an aphorism or whatever.  Then please let me know, either with a comment on this blog post or using the Contact Me tab at the top of this page.

Four of Cups from Tarot of the MastersI realize that you aren’t doing a reading with this.  I’m just hoping to get a few different views of this card in hopes that one of them will ring a bell as to what this card is trying (repeatedly) to tell me.


  1. Instead of pondering about it, look around for something new to stimulate your ideas. You are bored about what has been going on.

  2. The first thing I notice is the cup floating in the air and that the person cannot see it. It is a different shape to the glasses on the table and also in a different place. I think maybe something you are looking for is right there in front of you but you cannot see it because it is not in the shape or form or place that you expect it to be. Maybe you could do another reading to ask what it is that you cannot see.

  3. mar permalink

    “can’t see the forest for the trees”
    thinking so hard about things… that the most obvious thing is escaping notice…

  4. Celeste Cornelia permalink

    It is your life and it is up to you to choose how you see it.

  5. Nan Harvey permalink

    Look up!

  6. Tiana permalink

    Sobriety (sorry ;P) or more of an opportunity to focus intent instead…The Floating cup is either a coffee or tea cup. The glasses before the perhaps slightly (inebriated) person (or is she just contemplating?), are empty…

    Little is left but to change focus, decide what next, having drunk too much from one source ‘fruit of the vine’ no longer is appealing…:)

  7. Judith permalink

    I see the circular tables ascending. The cylindrical glasses are nearly empty, the warm cup offered is very different from what you have been doing, cozy intimate.. “Take it to a new level. There is more.”


  8. You’re stuck in a rut. Time for a vacation?

  9. I see someone who’s tried of trying…
    They are asking “why should I keep trying? What is the point of this?”

    They are about to definitely give up on something or someone, not understanding why they are having to face this struggle that apparently bring them nothing.. no wisdom, no reward.. it’s just turmoil.

    I also sense that, for some reason, really giving up on what has been demanding their attention might leave them empty. They are caught between suffering/getting stressed because of this thing and feeling empty without it…

    ‘But life is not a succession of urgent “nows”. It’s a listless trickle of “why should I’s”.’ — John Wilmot (The Libertine)

  10. I have to agree with Riding and mar… there is some other alternative action you may not be looking into or taking. Think left of center… cups are half full vs. half empty (your missing out on some opportunity to make a change)…I would honestly suggest a second card for clarification… one card to explain a complicated issue may be a few to little…

  11. Thank you all for taking the time to respond to this! I really am overwhelmed by your generosity.
    I’m going to digest all of these thoughts for a while, but they have altered my opinion of what this card is trying to tell me. What I had seen in this card before was a message to “have patience.” and I took that to mean that this situation would work out sooner or later. What I’m seeing now is that the advice to be patient might be more about being patient with the problems in this situation because something else will come along to take over from it, which is a more encouraging POV.
    PS: To Digital Dame – Oh yeah, it’s always time for a vacation. 😀
    Bright Blessings to you all,

  12. alex permalink

    A bit late on this, but I see someone waiting on or for a supposed friend, passing the time with wine, perhaps deluding themselves (with the wine, so to speak) about the relationship, meanwhile either preferring the lively stimulation of coffee or tea, or perhaps beginning to realize the sobering reality of things.

    Could also be someone who has finished “whining” about a situation and is ready to wake up now with the coffee/tea.

    I also noted that the empty cups are red/body while the tea cup is blue/mind.

  13. stellalunatarot permalink

    Missing an opportunity that is available to you?

  14. Don’t waste time pondering the situation, the solution is right in front of your eyes.

    The person in the card seems to be daydreaming. There are three empty glasses before her. The one she should be focused on is the one at eye level.

  15. Alex, Stella Luna, and Cher —
    Thanks for these suggestions. In addition to their relevance to my original question, I’m also enjoying all these views of this card.
    BY the way, I think I’ve gotten my answer to what this card is saying to me specifically in this situation, and I hope to write up a new blog post soon about that.

  16. Just a quick comment based on the image, before him are three glasses and floating above in the air is a cup, quite different from the glasses in shape, in texture, in structure – what came to my mind is how can I create what I invisage from what is infront of me?

    In other words what I am not seeing that is right in front of me that will help me change, improve redesign etc. in order to help me move forward with a different perspective.

  17. I have found this card often represents an uncomfortable state of mind. On the one hand, bored, listless or lethargic. On the other restless, but undecided, not wanting to do anything drastic about it, not yet sure if this is just a passing mood. It’s a time of watching for clues and signs and a time of waiting to gather impetus.

  18. Helen and Katie-Ellen:
    More good observations about this card. It’s message is shaping up to be rather complex (thanks again to everyone who has commented), which may be part of the reason that it was hard to decipher.

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