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The Spiritual Lesson Spread

June 2, 2010

“In order to experience everyday spirituality, we need to remember that we are spiritual beings spending some time in a human body.”
— Barbara De Angelis

RWS 2.0 JudgmentAs I noted a while back (two months ago, actually!), I am working on a book about the Tarot and how it relates to our spiritual path.  I also mentioned that I would post updates on that effort here, but I’ve been a bit remiss on that.  So here’s an update.

Right now I’m working on writing up some spreads that I have developed for gaining spiritually oriented guidance.  Considering that every situation—no matter how mundane—has a soulful component, we can use a Tarot reading to gain spiritual insight and guidance for the problems we face, no matter how ordinary or commonplace it may be. So these spreads will lead you to readings that address everyday problems with guidance that is spiritually oriented. My intention is for them to integrate spiritual awareness with practical advice.

One that is a three-card spread does this in a simple, direct way. As a bit of background, consider that every obstacle, problem, and setback in our lives presents us with a secret gift–a spiritual lesson which, if taken to heart, can help us progress along our journey of awakening. Unfortunately, we rarely view our trials and tribulations as opportunities for growth, and even when we do realize that they possess this potential, we often have a hard time seeing how to grasp and make use of their lessons. So the Spiritual Lesson Spread addresses both of these issues: becoming aware of the lesson at hand and seeing how to learn it.

Here is the layout and a brief definition of the positions:

………….3-card spread layout

Card 1:  The problem you are facing now

Card 2:  The spiritual lesson(s) that you can learn from it

Card 3:  Guidance from your higher self about how to learn this lesson

Of course, I can’t give everything away here, so I’ll leave the detailed explanations of these positions and how to do a reading with it for you to read in the book.

Addendum: This book, titled “The Soul’s Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot“, was published in 2013.






  1. Judith permalink

    James, any idea on when you will have your book published?
    This spread was exactly what I needed today to come upon. I think my guides directed me here!
    blessings and peace,

    • Hi Judith
      I’m still in the process of writing / editing the book … although the bones are created, it needs a lot of fleshing out. (Hope that makes sense.) So I don’t have much more than a guestimate that it may be available in about a year.
      Glad this post was timely for you. No coincidences, right!

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