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Ask KnightHawk — Home life improvement

July 25, 2010

Dear KnightHawk,
What can I do to improve my home life with my family members?
Needing help


Dear Needing help,

Thank you for asking for a reading. (I hope things are not going too badly for you at home.)
Let’s see what the cards have to say about your home life.

Tarot of the Masters -- Lovers card . Youth (Page) of Coins (Pentacles) -- Tarot of the Masters . Ace of Coins -- Tarot of the Masters

Card 1 (Major Arcana Card for Spiritual advice) – Lovers
Card 2 (Court Card for a trait to develop or emphasize) – Youth of Coins
Card 3 (PIP card for a suggested action) – Ace of Coins

A message that I see here based on the entire spread of cards is that there is a decision for your family that is pending regarding your financial situation – perhaps with regards to starting a new business or concerning a possible job change – and that choice is causing some amount of turmoil or distress.

Now let’s take a look at the individual cards to see how you can improve your home life.


The most obvious implication of this card is that of your relationship with the people you love. What I see it saying in your situation is that there is some sort of tug-of-war (so to speak) going on in which everyone wants attention placed on their needs and concerns. Of course, there is little you can do about how other people are acting, but you can control how you act toward them. So for one thing, this card asks you to remember that you all love each other. Then, on a deeper level, it stresses the importance of choosing love. To show you what I mean by that, the following is an excerpt from my work-in-progress book, “Tarot and Your Spiritual Path” —

As the French dramatist, Jean Baptiste Racine, said, “None love, but they who wish to love.” That choice is not a one-time thing. For our close personal relationships to succeed, we must choose love over and over again, which is not always easy to do. Often we are faced with circumstances wherein we could choose things like judgment, fear, or anger instead of love. For example, when someone makes a mistake or does something hurtful, we can choose love and understanding or we can choose anger and condemnation.

Youth of Coins:

In order to deal with problems on your home front, the Youth of Coins (otherwise known as the Page of Pentacles) urges you to adopt her innocent, childlike curiosity about and enjoyment of the world. So try to relate to both the situations and the people at home without preconceived notions. That way you will begin to see new solutions to old problems, and to gain a fresh, new point of view of your family that will include a deeper appreciation for them.

Ace of Coins:

The Tarot Aces can be about the ideals of their suit, and in the case of the Ace of Coins, this may mean generosity, gratitude, and appreciation. To explain that further, let me again give you an excerpt from one of my books, this time from the book that accompanies and explains my Tarot of the Masters deck:

This Ace also may be seen in light of this quote from Eckhart Tolle:  “Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Appreciation and gratitude are essential to the meaning of this card, consequently it may be saying “count your blessings.”

So here’s a suggestion for an exercise that your family might do together:

Give everyone one slip of paper for each of the other people in the household. (So, for example, if there are five people in your family, everyone will get four slips of paper.) Then have everyone think of one thing that they appreciate about each person in the family on those slips and write it down in the form of a thank you.  For example:
“Thank you, Mom, for always helping me with my schoolwork.”
“Thank you, Dad, for fixing my bike for me.”
“Thank you, son, for helping me clean out the garage.”
Then have everyone take turns reading their slips of paper to the appropriate person, and then give the paper to that person to keep.

Now, even if you can’t get the rest of the family to do this exercise, do it yourself.  Write down something that you appreciate about every other person in your family, and tell them thank you for it. Hopefully, though, you can get the whole family to participate.


To help you in this situation, I would like to leave you with a few affirmations, which are adapted from my book, Tarot Affirmations. Feel free, of course, to adjust them to suit yourself.

First, here is one based on the Lovers card:
I choose love instead of fear and judgment.

Next is one based on the Youth of Coins card:
I appreciate all that is good in my life.

And the last one is based on the Ace of Coins:
I have a sense of wonder and curiosity about my life.

Bright Blessings,


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Disclaimer: A Tarot reading is not a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counseling.  For such advice, please consult a qualified professional. The information provided in a Tarot reading is not legally binding and the Tarot reader assumes no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions or actions, subsequent to, or based on, this service.

  1. Elinor Greenberg permalink

    I love the way that your readings and advice are both psychologically and spiritually astute. For example, in the above querent’s situation, the reading and suggestions that you give are a win/win for everybody in the family. The exercise that you suggest with the slips of paper, could be one that a gifted family counselor would have chosen. You promote growth while also being unfailing kind in your answers. As a psychologist with over 34 years of clinical experience, I have found those abilities in only the best and most enlightened of us.

    • Thank you so much, Elinor! That means a lot to me.
      I can’t take all the credit though — the Tarot helps a lot! 😀

  2. Davina permalink

    Again an empowering reading. Relationship issues are difficult at best, but when it involves family I often find the issue more deep rooted, and because of that – more difficult to work through. I love the way you have gently bought in the issue of ‘love’ and how it can be built from the basis of appreciation. Great tools there. WIll be looking forward to the new publication. Thanks again for sharing.

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