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Psychic Shielding

August 4, 2010

Have you ever had a client sit down and you could just feel the negative energy radiate from him/her?  Or maybe everything was fine when you started, but then in the course of the reading you began to feel the negative energy start to well up?  Or else you did the reading okay, but afterward you realized how drained you are.

When we open ourselves up psychically in order to do a Tarot reading (or any other such process), we become especially vulnerable to negative psychic energy (sometimes called “bad vibes”) emanating from the other person. A while back a student asked me how to guard against that. Although I don’t consider myself an expert on this topic, I do have a few suggestions that I will share here.  If any of you would like to post a comment here with your own suggestions of rituals or procedures for protection, please do. References to good resources (books or websites) would be nice too.


Basically, psychic shielding is a process by which we tell our intuitive minds which energies we are willing to be open to and which ones we want to be protected from. Generally, you should be in a habit of taking a little time before you do a reading to erect this sort of shield, however you chose to do that. With a bit of practice, it should not take long.

The processes and techniques that I am aware of fall into two categories: (1) visualizations and (2) “talismans” (using the term very loosely).

First, here are a few shielding techniques that are variations on the theme of visualizing white or golden light to protect you. For all of these, begin by sitting quietly, breathing deeply, and calming your mind.


Visualize yourself surrounded with golden light. Then feel (or imagine you feel) white light entering through the top (crown) of your head and exiting through the soles of your feet. Imagine that as it passes through your body, this energy washes away any “negative” energy that has infected or clung to you. Then tell yourself that this will continue while you do your reading(s).

Begin by imagining a glowing sphere of white (or golden) light surrounding you. Repeat an affirmation that negative energy will bounce off this bubble of light but that positive energy and information that is for the highest good of all concerned will move easily through it to you. Hold this thought for several seconds (or however long you need), and then (as before) tell yourself that this shield will stay in place during the course of the reading.


There are other, more complex visualizations along these lines, but I find that the simpler ones work well without becoming confusing or distracting.


The following is a rather different technique. It is a visualization that you can use to connect to the power and safety of the Universe by progressively visualizing yourself expanding into the universe. Here are the steps for this one:

Close your eyes, relax, and quiet your mind. When you are ready, visualize yourself sitting as you are. Next, see yourself expand to fill the room you are in. Then visualize yourself expanding to fill the building you are in. Next, visualize yourself expanding to encompass the city you are in, then the state you are in … the country, the world, the solar system, the galaxy, and, finally, the entire universe. (These progressive visualizations should be done in steps, only moving on to the next one once you feel comfortable in the present one.) Rest comfortably in this infinite expansiveness for a while until you are ready to reverse the process, shrinking down from being the entire universe until you are back in your own body again.


Next, here are a couple of very simple methods using shielding “talismans”.

Sprinkle a circle of sea-salt around the space where you are doing readings.  Of course, this may not always be feasible. A similar, and more practical, suggestion is to place a dish of water with sea-salt in it under your seat.  Negativity will be attracted to the saltwater and contained in it. Afterward, empty the dish and rinse it out.

Burn a white candle (white for purity) while doing your readings. When you light the candle, affirm that it will protect you from negative energy.


Note that if you encounter a person whose energy seems too negative for you to deal with, don’t engage with them.  Have a mental cue prepared that will raise your shields to protect you.  For example, being a long-time Star Trek fan, I just mentally say “Shields up!” (actually, I hear this phrase spoken in Captain Picard’s voice, but that’s just my preference) and visualize a shimmering curtain of silvery light surrounding me. This only takes a moment. Of course, this will probably impair your ability to do a reading for this person, so be prepared to say that you can’t do a reading at this time if that seems appropriate.


Finally, I want to mention that you should use whatever rituals or methods that feel right to you. Experiment with some of these techniques and adjust them if you need to until you find one that works for you.


Book Recommendation:
Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense by Denning and Phillips






  1. I don’t read professionally, so I don’t have this problem with clients, but there are several individuals at my office that give off ‘creepy’ vibes that I try to shield myself from. Dion Fortune’s “Psychic Self-Defense” is a classic on the subject. It’s available online in pdf form here:

    Psychic Self-Defense

    • Oh yes, there are times in our “normal” lives too where this is relevant! Good point. And thanks for the link to Fortune’s book. I considered listing that one too, but I don’t have it, and I do have the one by Denning and Phillips so I was able to recommend that one.

  2. David permalink

    Thank you for this, James. It is always worthwhile to shield ourselves when doing a Tarot reading; shielding ourselves any negative force that comes our way. Often, when doing a reading, I will visualize myself being wrapped in a cocoon of prismatic webbing. Once I am completely encased I know that I am protected from negative inputs as they bounce off of my cocoon. Always works for me. 🙂

    • Thanks David. This is another variant of “visualizing a shield of light” … thanks for sharing it.

  3. Mary Miller permalink

    Just a small proviso for the circle of salt protection if you are intouch with the elementals (read fairies or other interdimensional beings) salt may be harsh or repellent to them. I sometimes use essentials oils.
    Just a thought

    • Thanks for that input, Mary.
      I know that some people use things like lavender or sage instead of salt. I once knew a woman who burned sage to cleanse the atmosphere where she read, but sage smoke practically chokes me.
      Again, I always tell people to find what works for them.

  4. Maribeth permalink

    I always have an amethyst “cluster” crystal (uncut) on my reading table. Amethyst not only wakes up the intuition, but also is a powerful psychic shield. – – mep

  5. Marieke permalink

    I also read Dion Fortune’s book. I didn’t find it very practical but very informative about different things you can need psychic shielding for. Absolutely worth reading :). De bubble seems to work fine for me, but I know other people for which it was no help what so ever. Finding your own method is the best way to go. But James’s suggestions are a great place to start.
    Thanks James

  6. Thanks for your comments, Maribeth and Marieke!

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