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Deck Creator Forum — Infinite Visions Tarot

October 14, 2010


I would like to announce my blog’s new “Deck Creator Forum.”  I occasionally do deck reviews on this blog, but this is a new idea – it’s a new recurring feature called “The Deck Creator Forum.”  For these articles, I have asked various deck creators to say a few words (or paragraphs, actually) about their Tarot deck in answer to a series of questions.  (I told them to pick and choose which questions they want to address.)

But you too can contribute to this discussion.  If you have the deck being featured and have experience using it, please leave comments about your use of it.  (Note that I will be moderating the comments, so please be considerate.)

NOTE: If you have a deck that you would like to have featured here, contact me about it.


The Infinite Visions Tarot deck, by Gloria Jean, is a lovely, handmade deck with images based on paintings by the old masters (somewhat like my own Tarot of the Masters deck). Gloria Jean also says that she was particularly inspired by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, who is one of my favorite painters of the nineteenth-century realist school.
You can see the card images from this deck on her website.

Here are her answers to my questions about this deck —


* Most modern Tarot decks fall into one of three “camps” – Marseille, RiderWaiteSmith, or Thoth? With which of those is your deck most closely aligned, and why did you choose that “type” of deck?

RiderWaiteSmith because I wanted a traditional tarot, one that did not require me to learn to read the tarot all over again. And it is an easy transition for people used to other decks of the RWS family because it maintains traditional symbolism.


* Is there a theme for this deck, and what would you like to say about that theme?

Infinite Visions Tarot has a traditional theme which is all about the fool’s journey down the royal road. This journey is the story of a person’s life experiences here on earth where the politics are primarily influenced by an age-old monarchy.


* How did you create the artwork for your deck? What would you like to say about that process?

The original plan was to create thumbnail sketches and designs via the computer then to actually paint them on canvas. At some point, I decided just to do all the work on the computer. I used digital pieces of public domain art found on the Internet, combined with some of my own work and in some cases combined with my own photography.


* What would you say makes your deck special?

Each deck is hand-made with care. I used to print them at home and laminate the decks myself, but not any more. I have them printed with a new kind of printer that uses waterproof ink.  They are on thicker cardstock now so I don’t have to laminate them.  I do still cut each card by hand and I cut the corners on them one corner at a time. I print, laminate and cut the boxes and put them together myself too.


* Are there any non-traditional elements of this deck?

The Dark Magician and the Dark Priestess are two additional cards added to the deck. They represent the dark or dysfunctional sides of a personality that pose a danger to the person, reader or situation. This feature is an addition rather than a change from tradition. The reader can always remove the two added cards and still have a completely traditional deck, but most people who have let them remain have found them very useful.


* Are there any other remarkable or unusual features about this deck that you’d like to talk about?

The kings and queens are matched pairs and project a very royal presence.

Some of the cards are made up of several different public domain works and don’t resemble any known painting in existence.


* What is your favorite card from your deck? Why is it your favorite?

knight-of-wands Infinite VisionsI have often asked myself that question and it is a very difficult one to answer. It is like asking a mother which of her children are her favorites. In the artistic sense, there is one card I do like a lot and I am in the process of painting it on a large canvas. It is the Knight of Wands. He is pictured riding his horse through the flames of some unknown conquest. He holds a torch as if to suggest that he may have initiated the inferno himself. Behind him are burnt out buildings which are actually taken from photos I took of a terrible fire that happened across the street where I live. Three people died in that fire. When I see the Infinite Visions Knight of Wands I think of the destruction and aftermath of that fire. The Knight of Wands often reeks of havoc with his bold and reckless adventures.


* What is the most interesting discovery you made about your deck after it was done, either through your use of it for doing readings or from comments by other people, etc.?

Infinite Visions deck MagicianInfinite Visions deck TowerI discovered that the magician and the God in the sky pictured in the Tower look very much like the same individual. Also, in writing about the card meanings for my LWB[1] and website, I discovered meanings and symbols I was totally unaware of at the time I created them.  It was as if I created them intuitively and later, discovered their meaning. Also, I discovered that the Dark magician can represent a person who is very angry or very depressed and his state of mind is what causes havoc in his and others lives.


* Is there a companion book for your deck? Does it come with the deck or is it available some other way?

The information about this deck on my website is the beginning of my book, although I am not sure when I will resume work on it. My LWB is quite nice too. (My deck comes in a handmade box with the LWB inside.)


* Is there anything else you want to say about your deck?

I have never asked for endorsements or testimonials about my deck but I still get quite a lot of them from people who have purchased and used Infinite Visions Tarot. It always warms my heart to find someone who appreciates my work on the deck. Also, with every deck I prepare, I feel a certain attachment to that particular deck. It is a little difficult to let go of it. I find that a little strange. Each deck is like one of my children.


* If your deck is not available through the regular channels (Amazon, book stores, etc.), where can people go to buy it?

You can order my deck from my website,

Images from the Infinite Visions deck are © Gloria Jean

[1] “Little White Book”

  1. Thank you, James and Gloria. The Infinite Visions deck was already on my wish list. A friend of mine recently bought it and is positively gushing over it. I can definitely see how the two additional cards could come in handy. This is truly one of the most beautiful decks I have ever seen. I enjoyed the interview… and Gloria, I don’t find it strange at all that you would feel attached to a deck after putting so much love and work into it. I can’t wait to hold one of your ‘babies’ in my hands!

  2. Hi James,

    What an interesting idea to start this section on your blog. I found the interview with Gloria fun and insightful, and look forward to hearing the artist’s perspective on more decks in the future.

    Thanks, Chloë

  3. Idun and Chloe — Thanks for your complements on this new feature on my blog. There are lots more great deck creator interviews coming up! Check back often.

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