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Deck creator forum — Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess

November 19, 2010

The following is a new entry in my “Deck Creator Forum.”  I occasionally do deck reviews on this blog, but in this feature I have asked various deck creators say a few words (or paragraphs, actually) about their Tarot deck.

By the way, you too can contribute to this discussion.  If you have this deck and have experience using it, please leave comments about your use of it.  (Note that I will be moderating the comments.)


This time we’re talking to Pamela Wells, creator of the “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess” deck.  This is a “Majors Only” deck (i.e., it features the twenty-two Major Arcana cards) and it includes an affirmation with each of the cards.

By the way, if you want to know more about this deck, I wrote a review of it a while back.

Goddess Affs Temperance Strength Star

James: What inspired you to create this deck?

Pamela: I created “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess” as a tool to honor the feminine aspects of God. By creating a tarot deck that deeply resonates with my own experience of the Divine Feminine, I knew I would transform myself in the process as well as awaken others to the wisdom and power of the Goddess.

To me, the Divine Feminine is the gateway to universal wisdom and a compassionate guide into the nature of God and ourselves. The inner journey begins with the feminine task of self-inquiry and our thirst for greater knowledge and meaning in our lives. This is exactly why the tarot is such an exquisite tool. It takes us down into our souls and reconnects us with our own intuitive brilliance we were collectively taught to disregard. When we reconnect to our inner wisdom, we learn how to live from a place of love. We become more connected and compassionate about our own suffering, the suffering of all beings and more engaged in healing ourselves and the planet.

Tarot enthusiasts know this: ask the question and the journey begins! There is a Divine Feminine intelligence within every human being that is ready to empower us, align us with our highest aspirations and fill us with our heart’s desire if we have the courage to begin the adventure into our own souls.


You say that this deck is “a tool to honor the feminine aspects of God.”  How do you feel it functions as that tool?

The imagery on the cards is of goddesses in nature or the universe with animals who also symbolically and compositionally point to the meaning within each card. The introductory chapters of the spiritual guidebook explain how learning to use the tarot will help build a foundation of skills for listening to your own inner guidance and intuition which are right brain tasks.


Affirmations Goddess Deck -- The Wheel of FortuneI would like to ask about one card in regards to your statement that the imagery on the cards includes animals that point to the meaning of the card, and that is the Wheel of Fortune.  There are several animals on that card, including a black cat, a coyote, sheep, and birds. Can you say a bit about what those animals contribute to this card?

This is a very challenging card to interpret since it is about the nature of God! The Wheel of Fortune can mysteriously answer this question for those who inquire deeply. I say “mysteriously” because the Divine is a mystery. To know God is to experience God in a quantum unity or non-dual state of awareness. Once you have had this experience you can begin to understand the nature of God. So the animals in the cards point to the mysterious nature of Spirit. For instance, cats represent the goddess or lunar aspects of the Divine. Goddess is always linked with mystery because she represents the unknown, death/life and the void. The Coyote is a shapeshifter and a trickster who endures by adapting and then changing constantly just like nature and our cosmos. The bird is a symbol of spirit, eternity and our own immortality. The sheep represent the “lamb of God” or Jesus. These animals all represent aspects of ourselves and the Divine.


How did you organize this deck?

The “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess” deck is organized around the divine mystical aspects of each of the 22 major arcana cards. I was deeply moved by their profound wisdom and immersed myself into translating the spiritual and evolutionary meaning of the cards. This deck has spiritual depth for those who are serious seekers. I even included a challenging question and answer section at the end of each chapter in the spiritual guide-book included with the cards.

The goddess tarot cards highlight each of the wisdom teachings with an affirmation. The book includes quotes from spiritual teachers, mystics and philosophers as well as poetry to elaborate on the meaning of the cards. I designed the box, book and cards to be used for individual contemplation, major arcana tarot readings, and for educational wisdom teachings. This set is also beautifully packaged and perfect to give as a gift or collectable. The cards are oversized for the purpose of seeing all the detailed imagery. The box and cards are printed with metallic gold ink.


There is one affirmation at the bottom of each card.  How did you arrive at those affirmations?  Also, I would have a hard time narrowing it down to just one. How did you do that?

I wrote the affirmations by moving from the small details within each card and chunking that information up to the biggest archetypal concept I could so it would help people gain new insights rather than getting lost in the details.

Archetypes are aspects of our own power so it’s very helpful to be able to understand the language of archetypes so we become more aware. This can lead to more empowered choices. Otherwise archetypes are going to compel us to act anyway, whether we choose to be aware of them or not.


How did you create the artwork for your deck? What would you like to say about that process?

The goddess imagery on the cards was painted over a number of years. I took the time and immersed myself into the details of painting what I learned from the research of each card’s meaning. Because the painting process was so synergistic and all-consuming with the events in my life, the creative process impacted my awareness in a very profound way. This was because in order to paint tarot cards or to speak about them with any authority, I realized I had to have the ability to integrate and incorporate the truth they revealed into my own life.

The box, card and book design process was planned but also very organic. When I started, I knew I wanted to design a quality product so I made plans based on quality results by paying attention to the details. On the other hand, the details of the box, the frame of the cards and the book came together organically as I was drawn to shapes and colors that worked with the goddess art.


What is the most interesting discovery you made about your deck after it was done?

I was most surprised to discover I could write well. I also discovered that creating a tarot deck is all-consuming — it was my “red pill” inspiring me to begin the journey down the rabbit hole. I wanted to know more about the meaning of life and the nature of God. Now, my life is filled with a great passion for discovering and sharing the Divine Feminine aspects of God. This has become my life’s purpose.


You self-published this deck, right?  How did you arrive at the decision to do that?

Initially I was approached by a publisher to illustrate a tarot deck set for women. After doing some initial research by calling about 2 dozen tarot artists willing to share their experiences, I decided not to. What I heard didn’t make business sense for me in royalties (income earned) for the amount of time it would take for me to illustrate a complete tarot set in my detailed, illustrative style. Despite this, I continued painting and a few years later I signed a contract with a different publisher. About 2 years into the process they canceled the contract after restructuring the company. So, there I was with finished cards and book and no publisher! Luckily at the same time I was doing design work for a client who contracts with overseas manufacturers, and I realized I had the skills and the financial resources needed to publish and market the deck myself. I created a business plan and the business plan made sense if I contracted the printing with an overseas printer which I did. It has all been very exciting and personally fulfilling in many ways.


Is there anything else you want to say about your deck?

There is an iPhone app for anywhere convenience or for those on a more limited budget. The deck set iPhone app can be purchased through or through the Apple app store in the lifestyle section for $3.99. The iPhone app includes all the cards and the entire guidebook.

I also write articles for my blog “The Divine Feminine Way”. I welcome those who are interested in subscribing to go to my Facebook Fan Page “Goddess Art Creations” and select my blog and “Follow”.


Where can people go to buy this deck?

The “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess” deck set can be ordered directly (Retail: $14.95) through It can also be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or at your local alternative bookstore or gift shop. For those who have a resale license and who do wholesale purchases, New Leaf Distribution and DeVorss & Company distribute the “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess” deck.


Publisher: Artmagic Publishing
Publication date:
Website: or my Fan Page on Facebook, “Goddess Art Creations,” to learn more.  

All images from the “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess” deck are © Pamela Wells


NOTE: If you have a deck that you would like to have featured here, contact me about it.

  1. I was given Pamela’s deck as a gift from one of my students in NYC. My own work, the Universal Dancer, is based on the archetypes in the Tarot. I use the archetypes to illustrate the spiritual journey, in the beginning through Sacred Dance and later through other esoteric practices. Pamela’s deck completely resonates with my own teachings.

    I run a Centre for health and well-being in Cairo, Egypt. At the Centre we have a monthly women’s full moon gathering. After doing a guided visualization as a group each person in the circle pulls one of the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess cards. It is a nice way for the women to experience personal guidance after doing our group work. Many of the women from the group have purchased decks after the meetings to continue their guidance with the cards at home.

    I recently brought a group of women from the USA to Egypt to study with me. We worked through the second line of the Tarot (the first line is the Sacred Dance). Each of the women has a deck of the AFEG at home. Their homework upon returning to the USA was to use the deck, the explanations and question for each one of the archetypes, to help them process the teachings and experiences they had while here in Egypt. I am thankful that there is such a beautiful tool to support my teachings.

    I love the deck and have had the pleasure of sharing it with many people here and in the USA. Every morning my son and I pull a card as a way to start the day with inspiration and guidance. Thank you Pamela!

    • Hi Leslie,
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with this deck! I’m sure Pamela is happy to hear that her deck is making a difference in the lives of people half way around the world from her!

  2. Hello James,
    I am a friend of Leslie Zehr, I also live in Egypt.

    Leslie has shown me the deck by Pamela just recently. So I am looking into your blog and also the Goddess Tarot site of Pamela.

    I am an American artist living in Cairo. My artwork is brought through in the same manner as automatic writing. I do spirit drawings for clients as well, in personal consultations.

    I am reading your blog!
    Warm Regards,

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