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Five of Pentacles … and my cat

November 30, 2010

Shadow EyesOne of my cats — my black cat named Shadow — has a bit of clouding on the corneas of both eyes.  She was about 9 months old when I adopted her, and people at the shelter (a no-kill facility) told me that this was the result of an eye infection when she was a kitten.  The problem is permanent (she is now almost 6 years old), and her vision is somewhat impaired, although she doesn’t need to depend on acute vision since she is an indoor cat.

Recently Shadow looked up at me, and the sunlight struck her eyes in such a way that it highlighted this problem.  As I looked into her eyes, I thought, “You poor thing!”  But then I thought, “Wait a minute, what am I saying?  You are the happiest cat I’ve ever known.”  And indeed, she is.  She pretty much splits her time between romping, grooming, or sleeping with one of my other cats, sitting on my lap purring happily, running into the kitchen so she can slide on the tile floor, and playing with her toys.  If she has any idea that she is “handicapped” she sure doesn’t show it or let it get her down.

Shadow and Charlie

Five of Coins / Pentacles -- Tarot of the MastersShadow’s disability reminds me of the Five of Pentacles, but the way that she doesn’t let it get her down shows me a joyful way to interpret that card.  This card is typically seen as being an unhappy indication of poverty, poor health, and rejection. However, I sometimes think of it as the “Tiny Tim” card, especially as it comes between what I call the two Scrooge cards — the Four of Pentacles (Scrooge before the ghostly visitations) and the Six of Pentacles (Scrooge after the visitations).

Four of Coins / Pentacles -- Tarot of the MastersSix of Coins -- Tarot of the Masters

So sometimes when this card comes up, we might recall the old saying, “Money can’t buy you happiness” and then consider the message that poverty of the body does not create poverty of the soul (which Shadow reminds me constantly). Or, as this wonderful quote from A Course in Miracles says: “Poverty is of the ego, and never of God.”

  1. I love your association of the 4, 5, and 6 of Coins with Scrooge and Tiny Tim! I’m going to remember that. And Shadow is lovely (as is the Siamese she is snuggling with in the photo).

  2. James –

    This brings tears to my eyes! What a wonderful way to look at this card. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you, Bonnie! It’s always wonderful to hear that I’ve touched someone this way.

  3. Susan permalink

    Beautiful! You made my day!

  4. Wonderful post. Lovely cats, aren’t they a great addition to life. I like your view on these cards related to the Scrooge. I will definitely think of that each time I see one of these three cards appear in a reading.

    Best wishes,

  5. kerry permalink

    This is gorgeous. I hadn’t thought about that in quite this way.

  6. Susan, Cher, and Kerry — Thanks for the nice comments.

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