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Ask KnightHawk — Angry Homeowner

December 12, 2010

Dear KnightHawk,
How can I continue to participate in my homeowner’s association Board of Directors without experiencing rage in my interactions with my fellow Board members? I want to participate and work to make things better, and I am really good at this job, but this is the most thankless job on the planet. I try really hard to measure my words and not lash out, but sometimes the ignorance of the other people on the Board is just too much for me, and I don’t hesitate to point out how they have screwed up and imposed on my time. I don’t want to be this kind of person, but usually I feel justified in my actions, which makes it hard for me to change my behavior. Any advice?
Angry Homeowner


Dear Angry,

Thank you for asking for a reading about this difficult situation.  Being able to say, “I don’t want to be like this anymore” is an important first step toward real change, and I hope this reading can help you follow up on that.
Here are the cards I dealt for you:

The Sun -- Tarot of the Masters . Knight of Wands -- Tarot of the Masters . Eight of Cups -- Tarot of the Masters

Card 1 (Major Arcana Card for Spiritual advice) – The Sun
Card 2 (Court Card for traits to develop or emphasize) – Knight of Wands
Card 3 (PIP card for suggested action) – Eight of Cups

First of all, I see a general message here, which is echoed in all three of these cards. The Sun card indicates rising above the dark clouds, while the Knight of Wands and the Eight of Cups both illustrate moving on and leaving something behind. So I see a suggestion that perhaps leaving the Board for now is your best option.  However, taken individually, each card has its own particular message for you as well.

The Sun:

This card has both advice and a word of caution.
First, its indication of optimism advises you to try to see the best in other people because this encourages them to live up to that expectation. (Yes, I know it’s hard to do that when you’re mad about what they’re doing.)
The Sun card also warns us against falling into the trap of acting from our Ego. In your situation, it suggests that you try to understand where the problems you’re having are the result of your own ego and deal with that issue.

Knight of Wands:

This card urges you to restrain your “Knight of Wands” impulsiveness.  (Maybe try mentally counting to ten before you react?)  It also asks you to be sure that you aren’t holding on to past conflicts and injuries. Instead, keep your eye on where you want to take your homeowners’ association versus what mistakes have been made in the past.

Eight of Cups:

This card elaborates on the general message I noted at the beginning of this reading. It says that when all else fails, keep in mind that you can take a break now and then. And if you are having as much emotional distress about all this as you indicate here, the time for that may be now.

And when you do take a break, be sure to let go of your emotional attachment to what’s going on with your homeowners’ association.  I know it’s hard to say, “I don’t care right now what decisions and actions the board is taking,” but if you don’t, then you aren’t really taking a break. Three of Wands -- Tarot of the MastersTo find help for you to do this, I have considered the contra-positive card for the Eight of Cups, which is the Three of Wands. That card says that when you take a break, be sure to invest your energy wisely and totally in whatever else you are working on. When you do that, you will find that you can turn your back on homeowners’ association issues for a while, which is what you may need.


To help you in this situation, I would like to leave you with the following affirmations, which are adapted from my book, Tarot Affirmations. (You can read more about using affirmations with Tarot cards in a prior blog post.)  Feel free, of course, to pick and choose among them and to adjust them to suit yourself.

First, consider a couple of affirmations based on the Sun card:
I always take an optimistic view of things.
I am coming out of this dark period and finding light and joy in my life instead.

The next one will help you follow the advice of the Knight of Wands:
I moderate my passion with an appropriate amount of compassion.

This last affirmation works well with the Eight of Cups:
I am able to recognize when a situation has become unacceptable, and then I move on to a better phase of my life.

Bright Blessings,



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Disclaimer: A Tarot reading is not a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counseling.  For such advice, please consult a qualified professional. The information provided in a Tarot reading is not legally binding and the Tarot reader assumes no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions or actions, subsequent to, or based on, this service.

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  1. Susan permalink

    Wonderful reading! Thank you!!

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