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New Year’s Resolution Spread

December 31, 2010

Have you ever wondered why your New Years resolutions fail? Have you wondered how to make them succeed instead?  In my book on Tarot spreads, Tarot Spreads: Get the Whole Story, one of the spreads I introduced is one I call New Year’s Resolution Spread.  (By the way, in that chapter I did a reading with that spread for Don Juan.)

The first card in that spread can be interpreted either as “What New Year’s resolution might you make?” (if you need a suggestion) or “What do you need to know about your New Year’s resolution?” (if you already have one in mind.)  The spread has several other positions (see below), but an important one that you might want to think about is this: “What obstacles may block you from keeping your resolution?”

You can do a simple reading with those two cards, or you can use the full spread for a more detailed reading.

By the way, what about that reading for Don Juan?

King of Cups -- Tarot of the MastersThe first card, the suggestion for a resolution, was the King of Cups, which I saw as a representation of reaching a significant level of emotional maturity.  So my suggestion was that he make a resolution to find a mature and stable romantic relationship.Tarot of the Masters -- Two of Cups reversed

The card in the position for “obstacles” was the reversed Two of Cups, which indicated his resistance to making a loving commitment to another person and a propensity for having illicit love affairs instead.  Of course, that would sabotage any truly meaningful relationships.


The New Year’s Resolution Spread:

New Years Resolution spread layout

Begin by dealing six cards, as indicated in diagram above.
Interpret these cards using the following positional meanings:

Card 1: What New Year’s resolution might you make?

Card 2: What are your hopes for it?

Card 3: What are your fears about it?

Card 4: Why should you make this resolution?

Card 5: What obstacles may block you from keeping it?

Card 6: What are the probable results of keeping this resolution?







  1. this is brilliant, James! thank you! Can I link this page for you on my facebook fan page?

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