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Tarot’s Spiritual Messages of the Day — The Moon

January 1, 2011

Beginning today, New Year’s Day, I plan to create here an online “DAY BOOK” of spiritual advice from the cards, which may become a part of my book, Tarot and Your Spiritual Path.  (You can find updates about my work on this book in the category of Tarot and Spirituality.)

You can check back daily to read this, or you can see these articles collected by clicking on the Tarot’s Daily Spiritual Message category tag, or you can click on the “Email Subscription” link in the column on the right-hand side of your screen.


January 1: The Moon

The Moon card encourages us to pay attention to the gentle, intuitive voice within our hearts. Our modern age exalts reason and logic, but imagination and intuition are also important in guiding us through life, so allow your imagination free rein to wander through the untamed worlds of myth and imagination finding enchantment, not fear, in the unknown.

One Comment
  1. Hi James,

    wishing you a ‘Happy New Year’ I´m looking forward to reading your daily advice every day.


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