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Temperance — Spiritual Message of the Day

January 2, 2011

RWS 2.0 TemperanceUltimately, our wounds are our greatest teachers when we learn to heal them and when we learn from them. One way to heal such a wound is to make a quiet, meditative search inside yourself to examine it to see how it impedes your spiritual growth. (You may want to visualize yourself having a conversation on this topic with the Temperance Angel.) Then keep in mind what you have learned about this wound as you go about the ordinary business of your daily life.

Although this wound may be hindering your journey along your spiritual path, it also may make you more sensitive to the problems and shortcomings of others. As you become more aware of its effects, you will begin the healing process, and as a result, you will learn from your pain and experience spiritual growth along the way.

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