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Six of Cups — Spiritual Message of the Day

March 5, 2011

Six of Cups -- Tarot of the MastersIn the suit of Cups, there are several cards that illustrate love. The Ace is the essential power of love and compassion, the Two is about romantic relationships, the Three is about the platonic love of friendships, and the Ten is the love of our family.  (These are simplifications, of course, but they are a good way to see the difference between these cards.)

My favorite illustration of love in this suit, however, is the Six of Cups. It typically shows two children, which symbolizes the innocent, unconditional love that children have. When we grow up, we lose that childlike ability to love so simply and deeply, but regaining it is one of our greatest spiritual quests.

In a blog post from last year titled Paying Love Forward, I mentioned that this card can be seen as advice for our inner child to share a loving connection with another person’s inner child. When I reread that post today, I was reminded of the Hindu salutation of Namaste, which may be interpreted as “The Divinity within me greets and honors the Divinity within you.”  What a beautiful way to initiate our contact with other people and to view our interactions with them! Of course, although there are some people you can greet in this way, there are others who might not react as well to it.  But even if you can’t say “Namaste” when you greet someone, you can think it and thereby remind yourself that your inner child can share a loving connection with theirs.


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