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A Tarot reading for Pamela Colman Smith

March 14, 2011

My friend Garnet asked me to make a guest appearance (via speaker phone) at her Tarot Meetup and do a “KnightHawk” Tarot reading with them, which I did earlier today.  I thought the results would make a fun and interesting blog post, so here it is.

This reading, using my Tarot of the Masters deck, is for Pamela Colman Smith to answer the question:

What can help me decide if I should accept AE Waite’s invitation to do the artwork for his new Tarot deck?

Here are the spread, cards, and interpretations we all came up with for this reading:


Ace of Wands -- Tarot of the MastersCARD 1: What problems might I expect? Ace of Wands

For one thing, it could prove to be a problem to try to create art based on someone else’s (Waite’s) inspiration instead of her own.


Seven of Wands -- Tarot of the MastersCARD 2:  How can I overcome those problems? Seven of Wands

The way to resolve differences that will come up between her inspiration and Waite’s is for her to know that she can stand up to Waite. Also, she will need to have perseverance though out this project.


Five of Wands -- Tarot of the MastersCARD 3:  How might this all turn out? Five of Wands

She may have to do some cards over and over to satisfy Waite, but she can bring order out of the chaos. In fact, the contention between their views, although it may be bruising sometimes, could generate a lot of creative energy that will result in a deck that many different types of people will be able to use… and argue about for years to come.


In conclusion, we noted the remarkable occurrence of a reading with all Wands cards in it. This predicts a lot of passion and creative energy in this project, which I think would have appealed to Smith.


Finally, I suggested that Smith could use an affirmation or two based on one of the cards here. The obvious choice was the second card, which is the “recommendation card.”

The following are a couple of affirmations from my Tarot Affirmations book:

I have the courage to stand my ground and fight for what I know is right.

I face challenges along my path to success with courage and confidence.








  1. Mary Collins permalink

    Thanks so much for joining our group tonight; that was a blast! Your book was so helpful when I was just learning to read; using well-known storybook characters made it easier to learn context when I started reading tarot.

    What’s REALLY interesting is how tarot “reads” people and their lives whether they are real or fiction. Gotta love tarot!

  2. Davina permalink

    wow – interesting reading and cards. A lot of intensity and energy in those cards along with indications of possible conflict at times. It makes me wonder what we could have witnessed if it were possible to go back in time, and at the same time – be a fly on the wall so to speak when the two discussed the images and progress etc.

  3. Susan Mc permalink

    Is there any actual recorded history of Ms. Smith and Mr. Waite’s relationship or experiences regarding this project they took on? Just curious… 😉

    • Hi Susan,
      We have extensive correspondence between Crowley and Harris regarding their creation of the Thoth deck, but there is nothing as far as I know like that for Waite and Smith… unfortunately.

  4. Love this ! I just ordered your colorful version of the Rider Waite Smith deck.

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