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Nine of Swords — Spiritual Message of the Day

March 15, 2011

Nine of Swords -- Tarot of the MastersMuch of the suffering and conflict in our lives arises from our illusions about other people — our dream-like thoughts about them and our ego projections on to them. We believe those illusions unquestioningly, and we suffer the consequences. But when we finally challenge those beliefs, we will begin to awaken to an expanding reality about other people. We will begin to realize that the people we’ve had nasty thoughts about are actually just like us.

Yes, everyone has their own story, but deep down, all the stories are the same.  We all have fears and desires, needs and problems, wounds and wisdom, virtues and vices. On the level of our earthly manifestation, we all are damaged goods (see this secret from the PostSecrets blog), and yet, we all are exquisitely beautiful.  Consequently our illusion stories about other people are superficial at best, and generally they reflect more about our own perceptions, biases, hidden desires, and fears than they do about the reality of the other person’s life.

When we finally dispel our belief in those illusions — when we finally wake up, so to speak — we may feel ashamed of what we’ve done to other people in our minds and in our hearts. The wonderful truth, however, is that there is no need for shame and guilt. Those are dysfunctional feelings; they too are deceptions.  Once we awaken from the nightmare of our condemnations of others, once we see through the illusions that we sincerely believed, we can move on with our lives in peace, truth, and freedom, which is the loving, compassionate way our souls want us to live.

You believed the illusion, and your actions were based upon what you believed. Forgive yourself that, and now awaken to a higher truth and let your actions be based on that instead.

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