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Youth / Page of Cups — Spiritual Message of the Day

April 15, 2011

Youth / Page of Cups -- Tarot of the MastersA child’s love is so free, unconditional, and heartfelt. Why can’t we be like that? One of the saddest parts of growing up is losing that innocent ability. But have we really lost it, or is it still there deep inside, buried beneath layers of pain and worries and fears?

Just the other day at the grocery store I noticed a child sitting in a shopping cart next to me, staring at me with a wide, happy smile, and it gladdened my heart to smile back at her. In fact, I found myself making a funny face in a successful effort to make her laugh.

Now, you have to understand, I don’t generally go around making funny faces at people to make them laugh, especially not strangers, but I rarely think twice about doing so when the other person is a small child. And why is that? Because I know the child will find an innocent delight in it and will respond in a joyful way. (I don’t expect adults to react that way. Quite the contrary, in fact.) Of course, I’m not unique in this; I often see people openly captivated by the loving gaze of a child they’ve never seen before and probably will never see again.

There are two complementary messages here.

The first message is the advice to love everyone as unconditionally as a child does. When we learn to explore our relationships—the platonic as well as romantic—with the unconditional love of a child, we will find them to be full of wonder and delight.

The other is that as we become emotionally open like a child, we will draw other people to us. They probably won’t make funny faces in a giddy attempt to make us laugh, but they will respond with their hearts more open than usual.

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