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Four of Wands — Spiritual Message of the Day

April 24, 2011

Tarot of the Masters -- Four of WandsThe Four of Wands can indicate a rite of passage (such as a graduation, wedding, etc.) in which we celebrate entering a new phase of life, but such rites should also involve honoring the phase of life we are transitioning away from. This doesn’t mean dwelling on the past, but rather it’s about honoring the path we have taken so far. This is important for a couple of reasons.

First, a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what has gone before has a vital role in creating lasting success in our lives. It’s also important that we appreciate the entirety of our lives, and that includes the “good” along with the “bad.” (I put those words in quotes because they are value judgments. Events are only good or bad insofar as we view them that way. See, for example, my recent post about the Wheel of Fortune card.)

Another reason to acknowledge the journey we have completed is that it indicates our sense of unity with and support for those who are just now setting foot on that path. It says that although we are on the next leg of life’s journey, that doesn’t mean we are superior to those who are on that prior leg.

All too often people act condescendingly toward those who are on a path of life that they themselves have completed (such as High School graduation), and this is not just in terms of our mundane journey through life either. Many who are on a spiritual path tend to take this attitude toward those who seem not to have begun that journey. So, yes, every day we can rejoice and celebrate our progress on a sacred path, but that never means we should then feel superior to those we see as not having set out on it. Instead, keep this saying in mind: “Where you are; I have been. Where I am; you will be.” And know that we are all One, and ultimately, we are all on the same journey.
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