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Ten of Coins / Pentacles — Spiritual Message of the Day

April 27, 2011

Ten of Coins / Pentacles -- Tarot of the MastersIn the Ten of Pentacles (Coins) we see ten pentacles superimposed over a scene depicting a marketplace in an esoteric pattern called the Tree of Life. This says that there is a sacred reality above the material reality we typically see and live in. This implication, along with the marketplace often depicted on this card, suggests an interesting analogy that can help explain the spiritual reality of our existence.

We may consider life to be a huge game that we are all playing … or rather, that Deity is playing with itself. The problem comes when we humans think that this game is the ultimate reality. Also, we think that we, the players in this game, are real too, which is why we take it all so personally and why we invest so deeply in the events of life. And it’s why we suffer so much.

It’s as if the little tokens in a game of Monopoly were conscious and thought they were real. For them, being sent to jail would seem dreadful, building a hotel on one’s property would seem like a big success, and going past GO and collecting $200 would seem like a windfall. The roll of the dice would seem like the capriciousness of fate too.

But now consider what happens when one of the tokens finally realizes that none of this purported reality—itself included—is real, that it is just a token on the Monopoly board (i.e., the material plane) representing a facet of Deity. This little token will continue to go round and round on the board, but its anxiety and worry and suffering will disappear as it becomes conscious of its true self, which is a facet of Deity.

This little token will now be able to observe the game with equanimity, i.e., without emotional attachment to what happens. It can just enjoy the process of the game without obsessing about which token owns the most property or has the most money, without resenting how much it has to pay when it lands on Boardwalk, and without worrying about what will happen next. And it will no longer fear the end of the game, for this little token will be in the game, but not of the game, to paraphrase the Bible.

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  1. x I just keep trying to learn…you know….I know I’m some where in it..on it…amongst it….just not exactly sure….it’s somewhere….in-between….x 😇💯👣

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