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Nine of Wands — Spiritual Message of the Day

May 8, 2011

Nine of Wands -- Tarot of the MastersOur relationship disasters—rejections, painful breakups, betrayal—wound us and can result in us withdrawing behind a barrier that we hope will protect us from such pain in the future. Unfortunately, however, retreat just isolates us. This doesn’t mean we don’t want a relationship—we do, or at least we tell ourselves that we do. But in hiding behind a wall, we avoid trust, intimacy, and commitment, all of which are prerequisites to a positive, authentic relationship.

Yes, there are some rational cautions that we should take in our relationships, but many of our doubts, worries, and reservations come from a place of hurt-based fear and not from reasonable considerations. And yes, when we let down our defenses we can get hurt, but those defenses imprison us much more than they defend us. Even more than that, they keep us from learning important lessons about trust and commitment, forgiveness and love.

The true defense against being emotionally hurt is not to withdraw from love, but to fully engage in it by loving yourself enough so that you aren’t dependent upon someone else’s love and approval. Specific relationships may come and go, but your love of your true, essential self—once you cultivate that—is eternal and beyond the reach of harm.

So remember this: if someone breaks your heart, forgive them (which is the only true source of healing) and move on with your life. Go and love again with an open heart. Discover loving relationships in your life and travel your path to the Divine through your discovery of love.

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  1. This is extremely timely for me, could nearly have been written for me today! 🙂 Thank you for this post.

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