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Ace of Wands — Spiritual Message of the Day

June 21, 2011

“… neotantric sexuality is just one dimension of a spiritual path that is devoted and dedicated to the challenge of becoming aware, in every moment of our embodied lives, of the supreme flow of the sacred life force itself—the Sacred Unity of Love.” — Wikipedia

RWS 2.0 Ace of Wands The Ace of Wands can indicate sexual energy, and (perhaps surprisingly) the sex drive has some direct spiritual correspondences. The urge to unite with another person relates to our spiritual desire for union with the Divine, and it can serve as an illustrative and illuminating metaphor for that process. Indeed, mystics in every religious tradition have expressed their transcendent experiences in terms suggestive of sexual ecstasy. Also, there are esoteric schools of Hinduism and Buddhism that involve Tantric Sex, which has become popularized in the West in the last half century, although its essential spiritual nature is often overlooked.

Sexual activity can easily be a diversion from spiritual practice, however, which is one reason most religions burden sex with so many restrictions and condemnations. But when seen as a sacred union, sexual activity also can be an intensely transcendent experience. In addition, our passion and yearning for sex may be redirected so that it becomes a passion for union with the Divine. It’s a matter of perspective and intent.  It’s all in how you direct the energy.

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