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Hanged Man — Spiritual Message of the Day

June 26, 2011

Hanged Man -- Tarot of the Masters

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” — Carl Rogers

There is a common misunderstanding about the process of spiritual surrender which this card advocates. There are some who criticize it as apathy or failure, and others fear that it means that spirituality is humiliating, miserable or even impossible. However, to quote Eckhart Tolle, “Surrender only means accepting this moment as it is.” And in fact, surrender is empowering and liberating.

A great deal of our suffering comes from our resistance to accepting “what is” since our thoughts about a situation, much more than the situation itself, are what torment us. Again quoting Eckhart Tolle, “Through surrender, you will be free internally of the situation. You may then find that the situation changes without any effort on your part. In any case, you’re free.” The power of surrender can also be seen in the old saying “What you resist persists.” This is because when we resist something, we give it our attention and energy. We give it power.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we must accept that “what is” is “what should be” or “what always will be,” and it doesn’t mean that we can’t work to change ourselves and the world. We just need to accept “what is” right now and not resist it internally. Then as we relax into our internal state of non-resistance, which is centered, balanced, and peaceful, we will gain an expanded consciousness through which we can become an effective force for a positive transformation of the world.

On a personal, spiritual level, surrender brings us closer to a realization of our connection to the Divine. In accepting “what is” we are accepting that whatever happens in the present moment is a necessary step on our path to the Divine. As Ram Dass says, “… whatever is in front of you is a step to God.”
Postscript: Another aspect of surrender is encapsulated in the old saying, “Let go and let God” which I explored in a subsequent post.

If you enjoy these words of spiritual advice from the cards, you will love my new Tarot book called The Soul’s Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot.


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