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Four of Coins / Pentacles — Spiritual Message of the Day

July 8, 2011

Four of Coins / Pentacles -- Tarot of the MastersDoesn’t it seem that we are desperate to collect as many things as we can? It’s like we’re all living according to that old humorous quote: “Whoever dies with the most toys wins.” But we don’t need a lot of possessions in order to be complete or secure, and the accumulation of things doesn’t even accomplish those goals.

The problem is that since we don’t remember our perfect, divine Self, we feel defective or incomplete. To fill that void—which actually is imaginary, in an esoteric sense of the word—we seek fulfillment in external things, such as food, relationships, and material possessions (the toys that may help us win at checkout time). These things may give us a temporary sense of completion, but that feeling is doomed to be fleeting because it too is an illusion, and none of those things are permanent.

For example, we may discover that what we thought was a perfect relationship doesn’t complete us after all, so we start looking for another one. Or perhaps we decide that need more toys, so we go into debt to buy a fancy new car, which we hope will help us keep up with the Joneses. Or we try drowning our sorrows in food or alcohol, or we plan another vacation, etc., etc.

We each have our own dysfunctional ways of filling that void that isn’t really there, when the real solution is to work on rediscovering our true, divine nature, which does make us whole. When we begin to remember our Oneness with the Divine, the things of the world—possessions, relationships, etc.—actually become more satisfying in ways they never were before. As we lose our unreasonable expectation that they will complete or fulfill us, we will be able to enjoy them just as they are, without illusions about them, attachments to them, or dependencies on them.

This is one reason that spiritual enlightenment is blissful. When we stop believing the illusion of an insatiable void in our lives, and when we see that everything around us is suffused with the spirit of the Divine, we become free to enjoy the sensual world in its fullness and in the eternal Now.

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