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Queen of Cups — Spiritual Message of the Day

July 9, 2011

Tarot of the Masters -- Queen of CupsUnconditional love is a hallmark of a spiritually enlightened person, but the question is, how can we attain that? The Queen of Cups suggests that one path toward unconditional love involves working on loving ourselves enough so that we can become emotionally secure. If we don’t love ourselves, we develop a need for someone else to love us to compensate for that lack. This results in dysfunctional relationships in which we love other people with strings attached. In subtle ways, we say, “I’ll only love you if you love me. And you have to love me enough. And you have to constantly say and do things that assure me of your continued love and affection. And you can’t ever leave me, or even let me think that you might leave me.”

So first learn to forgive yourself, and don’t judge yourself so much. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t evaluate your actions and then correct or adjust them if they are causing problems. That’s working on the outside. Judging is what we do on the inside, such as getting mad at ourselves or thinking we are bad or ugly or insufficient in some way. You can do both: correct your mistakes and forgive yourself for them. And if you have an attribute that you don’t like, either change it if you can or learn to accept and love it if you can’t change it.

We all could use a bit more of this Queen’s emotional self-confidence, and the following affirmations from my book, Tarot Affirmations, can help you do that:

The only love I truly need is my own.
I love myself, and I am emotionally secure.

Postscript: There is another implication of this card’s message which involves one of the most common questions in a Tarot reading: “When will I meet my soul mate?” The problem for most people asking this question is that they already met their primary soul mate, which is themselves, and they haven’t learned to love that soul mate yet.

If you enjoy these words of spiritual advice from the cards, you will love my book, The Soul’s Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot






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