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Spreads for Spiritual Tarot readings – Part 1

August 8, 2011

I’ve shared a lot of spiritual meanings for the cards here this year, so I thought I’d mention some ways to use those meanings. Of course you can use them to give spiritual depth to any Tarot reading, and I have also created a variety of spreads for spiritual readings in which you can use them. I’ll share a few of those in the future, but for now I want to say that you can use these spiritual interpretations in a one card-reading to set the tone for the day. Also, the following are a few examples of questions you may use for a one-card reading to address a secular issue—financial difficulties, relationship problems, career decisions, etc.—while also exploring a spiritual dimension to provide a soulful component to your reading.

What is my divine purpose in these circumstances?
What spiritual guidance does the universe have for me at this time?
What profound lesson can I learn from this situation?
What spiritual component of my problem do I need to understand?
What is the soulful purpose of my relationship with [insert name here]?
How can I address the problem I am facing in a way that is more spiritually awakened?

Alternatively, instead of questions that address specific problems, more general questions may be used for readings of a more purely spiritual nature. For example:

How is my life currently helping me become more spiritually enlightened?
Where is my soul leading me at this time?
What is the most important spiritual lesson I need to learn at this time in my life?
How can I strengthen my relationship with the Divine?
What is one step I can take along my spiritual path today?

If you have experience using the spiritual messages for the cards in readings that you would like to share, I’d be interested to see them.

  1. Kim Tracy ~ Kiarra Raye Tarot permalink

    This is beautiful.
    I must share this. Whether you give a Tarot reading or not these are question we should all ask ourselves from time to time.
    And of course let all listen to what we are told with open ears and a loving heart.

    • It’s wonderful to have a discussion about these questions, and if you have someone with whom you can discuss them, that’s great. But whether or not you do, the Tarot is a terrific conversation partner! 😀

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