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Spreads for Spiritual Tarot readings – Part 2

August 12, 2011

Modifying an existing spread
You can add a spiritually-oriented position to any spread to ask a question like one of these:
• What is the spiritual lesson that you need to learn from this situation?
• What guidance is your Higher Self offering you in this situation?
• How can you cope with this situation in a soulful manner?
For example, you might add a card to indicate your spiritual lesson in a simple Background / Problem / Outcome spread as follows:
Spiritual lesson Spread
Alternatively, you can modify a position in a spread to have a more spiritual slant. For example, you might change the final card in a simple Background / Problem / Advice spread to be “Spiritual Guidance.”

To read a wealth of spiritual advice from the cards, click on the Tarot’s Daily Spiritual Message category tag.

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