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Strength – The Lion’s Tongue

September 17, 2011

Today in my Tarot workshop, we were discussing the Strength card and I talked about how the lady in this picture represents our connection to a Higher Power, and the lion symbolizes our raw passions and desires, which we must tame through love and understanding. Then one of my students noted that when a lion has its tongue out in a painting, that indicates that it is tamed because it wouldn’t be trying to bite you with its tongue out. Strength Lions Tongue

Did you ever notice that and make that sort of connection? I hadn’t before, but now it’s going to be a permanent part of my mental catalog of facts about this card. This is one of the things I love about teaching — I learn something new all the time.

  1. I didn’t know that either. 🙂 The Strength card is also associated with the sense of Taste. The lion’s tongue is a good pictorial reminder of that as well.

  2. Very nice, James. That adds to my Tarot lore, and I am glad you shared it. It is obvious now that you point it out, and I never thought of it before.

  3. Carey Croft permalink
    Hi James, I am a student of tarot and have been enjoying your posts. I found your students observation about Strength very interesting. It is so obvious I am surprised it wasn’t noticed before but that is why I also love tarot exchanges and classes. Along that vein I thought I would share with you an article I wrote on my own tarot sight about Strength. I hope you find it interesting and I look forward to reading more on your web site.

    Tarot Enthusiast,
    Carey Croft

  4. I always thought the lion was either licking the hand of the woman or had it’s tongue out, panting in exhaustion, having been tamed, giving up on it’s savage and wild ways. I’ll now notice on other paintings, particularly Christian imagery, what the lions are doing. Love something more to ponder! Thank you!

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