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Tarot Reading Explained

September 18, 2011

Last month I announced that Llewellyn let my book Tarot Tells the Tale go out of print and that I’m taking this opportunity to self-publish a revised edition of it. Here is an update on that effort.

I have completed my re-editing of the book. The most significant changes are that I have illustrated the readings with my own deck, Tarot of the Masters, and I have significantly beefed up the card explanations in the appendix. The book is now getting an independent set of eyes looking over it.

I have also settled on a new title, which is Tarot Reading Explained: The art of Tarot explained with sample readings, and I have created a new cover for the book, which you can see below.

Tarot Reading Explained cover

I’m hoping to get it through the publication process at and ready for sale by the end of October. So the book should be ready for you holiday shoppers. … Stay tuned!

Addendum: For an update, see

  1. Ellen Bagetakos Handlin permalink

    Very cool. It’s so easy to become discouraged and not follow through. Congratulations on this next step! Looking forward to reading your work.

  2. Lynette Packer permalink

    Congratulations James – sure to be a popular read with Tarot enthusiasts
    Warmest Lynette

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