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Three of Wands — Spiritual Message of the Day

September 29, 2011

RWS2.0 Three of WandsIn the RWS deck, this card is often seen as a depiction of a merchant watching his ships sailing out to sea on a commercial venture. But as the ships sail away, he loses control over what happens next, and he has to wait patiently, trusting in providence that their voyage will be successful. Consequently, we may see in this card the spiritual practice of releasing the results and consequences of our actions and enterprises to the Divine. Of course it is important that we take action—that we do what’s right—but at some point we must let go and say to the Divine, “Let thy will be done.”

This is more than just a matter of trust and faith, though. Releasing our need to always control the results of our actions and even the course of our lives is also an act of non-attachment to the material world. And this is a vital step in our journey toward the realization of our divine Self.

If you enjoy these words of spiritual advice from the cards, you will love my new Tarot book called The Soul’s Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot.

  1. Carey Croft permalink

    Hi James,
    I associate all the 3’s with the Empress. Most of the time the Empress is shown pregnant so this card reminds me of waiting for some thing to come to fruition as we do all the necessary stuff in between as you suggested. I never thought about it being about letting go of the outcome because one has no control over that but now that you suggested that I can see the one wand that is behind the figures back as representing that aspect of the card. I also see this card as some one who has missed there chance at some thing because they didn’t take action, but maybe this is more what the reversed meaning could be.

  2. I see this card as a voyageur.. Someone how is going ahead to see what path the rest of the ‘flock’ should follow. 🙂

  3. anne permalink

    The image in this RWS deck is so beautiful and vivd. It reads as so dynamic. Can you please post which version this is. Thanks

    • Anne,
      Thank you. That is my re-coloring of the card. I have done that with a lot of the RWS cards, sort of as a hobby at this point. So there isn’t a deck with these cards.

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