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Tarot Reading Explained

October 15, 2011

Tarot Reading Explained coverI am happy to announce that my new book, Tarot Reading Explained, which is a revised edition of the now OOP Tarot Tells the Tale, is now available. You can find it now on the publisher’s website HERE, and within a week it will be available on Amazon.

How is this edition different from TTTT?

First of all, it is re-edited. Whenever I read something I wrote more than ten minutes ago, I inevitably think, “I could have said that better!” A new edition of this book has given me the chance to say things a bit better.

The readings are now all illustrated with my Tarot of the Masters deck, so consequently I have revised those readings somewhat to reflect that. Actually, though, not many changes were needed since my deck is Rider Waite Smith-ish as are all the decks I did the readings with originally.

Finally, in the almost ten years since I wrote TTTT, my understanding of Tarot has, of course, evolved, and that evolution is reflected throughout the book, but most obviously in the expanded section on card meanings at the end of the book.

So I hope you enjoy this new edition of what many consider to be a classic Tarot text.

  1. mimers66 permalink

    James, TTTT is one of the books I recommend to anyone wanting to learn to read the cards. It is one of the best books out there. I can not wait to add Tarot Reading Explained to my list of Tarot Must Reads. Congratulations!

    • Thanks! That’s why I wanted to re-issue TTTT, because many people said they recommend it to “newbies”. Since it is out of print, I wanted there to be a new edition for them.

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