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Mothering and the Queens of Pentacles and Cups

November 14, 2011

Queen of Coins (Pentacles) -- Tarot of the Masters

“Mothering involves not only physical survival and achievement … it is also concerned with guiding a child to his or her unknown depths and the mystery of fate.” — Thomas Moore (Care of the Soul)

Tarot of the Masters -- Queen of CupsThe Queens of Pentacles and Cups (the “feminine suits”) are the good mothers of the Tarot’s Minor Arcana, but how should we differentiate them? The answer to this question can be inferred from the above quote from Thomas Moore. The Queen of Pentacles embodies the aspect of motherhood that involves physical nurturing, sustenance, and protection. The Queen of Cups signifies the care and guiding of a child’s heart and soul. As examples, the Queen of Pentacles makes us a hearty meal and reminds us to wear a sweater when we go out on a cold day. The Queen of Cups consoles us when we’re sad and sings softly to us as we fall asleep at night.

  1. Beautiful descriptions of mothering!

  2. Nice observation.

    The Queen of Swords never seemed too motherly to me, though. I picture telling her telling her imaginative five year old to stop being so silly and act practical. I wonder what aspect of mothering she’d represent?

    • That’s kind of why I didn’t include the Q/S here. I see the Q/P and Q/C as the more archetypically mothering (in a good sense) Queens.

  3. Excellent comparison of these two Queens and their mothering capabilities.

    Warpsludge – I think I would see the Queen of Swords being more about logic, telling a child not to be afraid of the dark because there’s no such thing as ghosts.

  4. Good point, Zenna. Even though there maybe are such things as ghosts! 🙂

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