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Fool — Spiritual Message of the Day

December 15, 2011

The Fool -- Tarot of the MastersThe Fool is interesting in that it is numbered Zero. This is often taken to indicate this card’s sense of pure potential. Zero is “nothing” which means that it is about the potential to be something, since it is not yet something. And that is true; the Fool can indicate potential. However, there’s more depth to this nothingness of the Fool. I recently watched a video on YouTube that features Adyashanti talking about how “our essential being is simultaneously a profound, silent “nothing” as well as everything within existence.” (Quote is from the comment about the video.) Watch this video and think about how it may inform your understanding of the Fool card.

Postscript: If you like this video, you may be interested in listening to other recorded talks by Adyashanti.

If you enjoy these words of spiritual advice from the cards, you will love my new Tarot book called The Soul’s Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot.





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