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Ten of Swords — Spiritual Message of the Day

March 15, 2012

Ten of Swords -- Tarot of the MastersIn his book The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle defines his use of the word “ego” as “A false self created by unconscious identification with the mind.” Indeed, it certainly seems as though the ego assumed dominion in our lives through a coup d’état in which the servant (the ego-mind) assumed control over the master (the soul or authentic Self), and this has resulted in a world of suffering. The cure, of course, is to remember who we are and thus to restore our authentic Self to the throne of our lives. But how can we subdue the ego? How can we restore the correct balance of power in our minds?

One very important tool is meditation, although at first this may not seem effective because the ego does not shut up easily or without a fight. But meditation works in the wonderfully subtle way of “death by a thousand cuts.” Little by little, it will reinstall our deep, still Self as the rightful ruler of our lives.

It’s also important that we work at realizing the truth about the ego. It is an illusion with no true reality of its own. It’s merely a tool for survival on this material plane, but while this tool may be valuable in our childhood when we were quite vulnerable, it no longer is. Of course, the ego tells us that it’s working to ensure our survival, but actually what it fears is the cessation of its own existence. And so it creates the illusion of a fear-filled world of lack and struggle in order to ensure its continued position of power in our lives, even if we have to stifle our own happiness and fulfillment as a result.

And so we can see that the ego is a parasite which we can learn to recognize by the masks it wears, such as fear, anxiety, and anger. As we gain this enlightenment and work toward rejecting the tyranny of the ego, we will develop a deep certainty that the true reality of our being is that of our divine nature instead. And as we realize this, our chains of bondage to the ego will slip away.

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  1. Lauren Fein permalink

    In the Motherpeace Tarot, Vicki Noble writes that “the Ten of Swords represents the final letting go of some idea to which the ego has been attached.” The card shows a group of high priestesses abandoning their swords and letting themselves fall gracefully over a cliff into a body of water below. The picture literally looks like a surrendering of the ego. At the end of her discussion of this card, Ms. Noble writes, “But the dive into deep waters below may yield a new experience of feeling and emotional sensitivity.” This certainly makes sense when we remember that the next world “up” in the Quabalistic Journey of Return is the watery world of Cups-the world of intuition, emotion, and greater sensitivity. I like viewing the Ten of Swords this way-as an invitation to surrender my ego and my “stuck” mind patters-to just let go when my mind has reached a point of total overwhelm and let myself “float” for a while in a world of “no mind.” Thanks for another great post!

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