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Three of Swords — Spiritual Message of the Day

March 22, 2012

3 Swords

“A wound is the place where the Light enters you.” — Rumi

Once, while listening to an interview with Alice Walker, I heard her say “There is no way to get the healing without knowing what the wound is.” She was referring to the way that we don’t want to hear or talk about some of the horrible wounds we have deep inside us. We consider them too shameful or too humiliating, so we want to shut them up in a dark attic and not examine them. But although bringing our deep wounds into the light and talking about them can be painful, it is also therapeutic and healing.

However, needing to examine and heal our wounds does not mean we need someone to rescue us. Sometimes the deepest suffering that darkens a heart cannot be solved, only witnessed and shared. We do have a tendency to try to explain or fix another person’s sorrow, though, perhaps to keep us at a safe distance from their pain, but often what is needed goes beyond worldly circumstances and into the spiritual realm. This is not to say that we shouldn’t try to help those who are in pain, but what may be needed most is the palliative balm of our tenderness, the restorative power of our silent witnessing, and the healing warmth of our soulful companionship. And in that sharing, the light enters us and the healing power of the Divine enters our hearts and begins to resolve our sorrow.

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