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Ten of Wands — Spiritual Message of the Day

April 14, 2012

One way to view the sequence of the numbered cards in the Minor Arcana is to see the Aces as beginnings and the tens as the results of those beginnings. Let’s use this concept to find a spiritual message for the Ten of Wands.

Ten of Wands -- Tarot of the MastersA dark side of the Ace of Wands is egotism and megalomania. It’s when we think we’re the center of the Universe instead of realizing that we’re a vital part of its oneness. An unfortunate result of this is that we can come to believe that we, as individuals living in material form, have the power or the responsibility to create the circumstances of our lives, as well as those of other people around us. Beginning from this egotistical perspective, we end up with an oppressive sense of burden, which is illustrated so aptly in the Ten of Wands. Of course, the ego loves this. It loves to say, “Poor me. See how burdened I am.”

The irony here is that as spiritual beings connected to the oneness of the Divine (which is a positive interpretation of the Ace in this suit), we do have the power to create our lives. In fact, we’re doing this constantly whether we know it or not. (Compare the Ace of Wands with the RWS Magician card with its upheld wand.) So we can carry the load as seen in the Ten of Wands because we aren’t carrying it alone; we are supported by the Universe. Upheld wand from my recoloring of the RWS Magician

Ultimately, the difference lies in our perspective. If we see ourselves as alone and separate (i.e., if we take the ego’s perspective), then creating our lives can be a very lonely, onerous burden. But if we see ourselves as being a part of the Divine oneness, then we, as conduits of the power of the Universe, can carry a great load and do great things in joy instead of in sorrow. In other words, the difference lies in a comparison of the power of our separate physical being versus that of our shared, immortal Self.

If you enjoy these words of spiritual advice from the cards, you will love my new Tarot book called The Soul’s Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot





  1. Lynette Davis permalink

    Oh my God, your interpretation literally made me cry. Thank you for your insight on the spiritual meaning on the Ten of Wands. I have experienced a spiritual awakening 10 months ago (I met my Twin Flame) – and this card is exactly how I feel. I feel as though I can now carry whatever heavy load the day brings (as I am becoming more stronger each and every day) and I know that my journey is supported by the universe. I am not the same woman I was 10 months ago and I continue to evolve each day.

    Your interpretation of this card brought me so much peace especially when other websites couldn’t offer me the meaning that I was trying to resonate with. When I feel this amount of emotion, then I *know* that the universe was trying to tell me that this is what it was trying to say.

    Thank you James ❤

    • Hi Lynette
      I’m so glad you found so much meaning in this post!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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