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A new spread for spiritual readings

September 23, 2012

As I noted in a post a few days ago, I’m looking to expand my work with Tarot readings of a spiritual nature. Here is one of the spreads (a ten card one) that I use for such readings.

10 spread with 7 star and Triangle

This spread is composed of a three-card triangle (representing Past, Present, and Future) surrounded by seven cards positioned at the points of a septagram (a seven pointed star).

I was inspired to create a spread that incorporates mystical meanings associated with the number Seven as a result of a recent interview I did with Robert Place about his new deck, Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery.

In the following set of positional meanings, I associated the seven cards at the points of the star with the seven classical planets and (abbreviated) astrological meanings for them. There are other associations, though, since there are so many sets of seven in Western mysticism. For example, you might want to relate those seven cards to the seven Chakras or the seven classical virtues: Prudence, Temperance, Strength, Justice, Faith, Hope, and Charity. Also, you might want to associate the three cards in the inner triangle with the three souls as described by Place in the interview noted above. In that case, those cards might be: appetite, will, and reason.

* Triangle:
1. Past – what you are leaving behind
2. Present – your Higher Self’s advice for today
3. Future – your spiritual path ahead
* Seven Planets:
4. Moon: Emotions, unconscious, mystery
5. Mercury: Communication, reasoning, travel
6. Venus: Love, harmony, beauty
7. Sun: Soul vs. ego, Karma
8. Mars: Energy, conflict
9. Jupiter: Growth, joy, expansion and opportunity
10. Saturn: Lessons, limitations, duty, dharma

If you use this spread, or variations of it as noted above, and want to share your experiences with it, please feel free to leave a comment here.

Addendum: See the comments below where someone suggests using “thesis-antithesis-synthesis” for the three-card triangle. An interesting variation on how to use this spread!

  1. Eoin Keith Boyle permalink

    Reblogged this on The Conspiracy of Pleasure and commented:
    I’m not usually a fan of spreads, but Mr. Ricklef is onto something here, IMNSHO. Given that triangle=manifestation, I’d not use the 3 cards in the center as a timeline (a timeline would be a much better timeline) and instead use them as thesis-antithesis-synthesis (or catharsis: purging is a valid manifestation, y’know). The planetary pattern is pretty standard… and dovetails well with that Ferrarese ordering I’ve been working with…

  2. This got my imagination to kick in! Always a good sign. When a spread grabs me like that, I usually find it reads well for me too.

    Having the fire planets Sun and Mars represented at the lowest points of the star made me think of the red root/base chakra – then from that I saw the Moon at the top relating to the one often called the soul star (above the crown) – so Mercury could settle at the throat level which for me suits it 🙂 … Another way the chakras fit your spread. I do know it doesn’t quite fit ‘properly’ – but where’s the art in ‘properly’? Anyway I can see how Venus sits at the sacral level, and then Jupiter could be the solar plexus and that kind of leaves the heart for Saturn. A new view of Saturn certainly, but why shouldn’t he have something to say about heart chakra stuff? Hm…

    I love it when a spread ‘works’ whichever way round you look at it! Therefore I love this one. When I next have time for a ten-carder I’ll give it a try, which probably means in a few days. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind words Eoin and Mand
    Eoin: I’m always happy to see my spreads adjusted by others to suit their own interpretations and needs. Feel free to use the middle triangle as thesis-antithesis-synthesis (which is another great triple to use here.)
    Mand: Interesting. I wasn’t thinking of this as a chakra spread, but if it works in that sense for you, that’s great! And now that you mention it, a chakra spread would be a great one for spiritual readings… I’ll have to think about that. Good idea! 😀

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