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Pithy Tarot meanings — Ten of Pentacles

November 22, 2012

Ten of Coins / Pentacles -- Tarot of the MastersTen of Pentacles:
Look beyond the superficial aspects of life to what is really important – that’s where you’ll find true worth and your deepest gratitude.

Note: The Ten of Pentacles is sometimes called “The Wealth Card” but I also think of it as the “Thanksgiving card.” (See especially the lovely version of it in the Sacred Rose Tarot deck.) The image on this card in many decks of the RWS tradition (including my own Tarot of the Masters) typically shows the ten coins arranged in the Kabalistic Tree of Life pattern, which indicates a level of value higher than the materialistic one of money and possessions. Thus this card invites us to look beyond superficialities to see what is really important, which leads us to the truest meaning of Thanksgiving.Sacred Rose Tarot -- Ten of Pentacles

Pithy Tarot card meanings are short, easy to remember meanings, and they will even stimulate further insights when called to mind during a reading. In addition, they can be fun.

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