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A Guided Visualization with the Fool card

February 10, 2013

The Fool (My Majors only deck)I have recorded a guided visualization with the Fool card on YouTube. (As an illustration, I’ve used the Fool card that I created many years ago for a Majors Only deck, but you can use any Fool, such as the RWS version.)

This is a YouTube experiment – my first attempt at this particular process – so please let me know how your experience with the visualization goes. (By the way, I know that the sound level is rather low, but this is the best I could do on my PC.)

Upon completion of this process, it is important that you immediately write down as much about it as you can, including your thoughts about what it meant to you. This is because a guided visualization is similar to a dream, and like a dream, if you do not write it down quickly, it will soon begin to evaporate, forever to elude your conscious grasp of it.

NOTE: For a write-up of the general process for doing a visualization with a card, you can read a prior blog post on the topic.





  1. I really liked the meditation. It was very well done, much better than most. The only problem I had with it was that it immediately and without adequate warning rolled over into something else with very sudden, loud music, which gave me quite a jolt. The most interesting part of it for me this time (I do plan to do it again in a month or so) was when the Fool gave me the gift. It was a very slim and elegant wooden knife, rather like a letter opener. He said it was for helping me to cut or scrape off my doubts about my future adventures. He said that even though it was not especially sharp, it was quite adequate for the job. It would clean away the inappropriate doubts, but if there were valid cautions I should be aware of, they would remain until I deal with them Very useful! Thank you!

    • Hi Jessica,
      Thank you for the comments on the visualization. I’m glad it’s helpful for you.
      As for the technical sound problem, like I said, I’m kinda new at this. That was not supposed to happen. Sorry about that. But I have corrected that problem now. The video should stop at the end without going on to another one.
      Thanks again!

  2. I will definitely check it out …I would be interested in knowing your experience with using youtube, too, since I have a video project in mind. How did you like working in that format?

    • The problems I had were mostly on my computer’s end — I don’t have a fancy movie making software package. The other problem was that I found I was limited to 15 minutes (after I’d recorded 15 and a half minutes) so I had to trim off the closing comments and just paste them into the comment section of the YouTube video. Also, the problem that Jessica pointed out was just my inexperience, and was easily rectified.

  3. The visualization is just excellent in so many ways! I found the idea of the edges of the card being a doorway, and stepping through to experience the card…not just conceptually read it…to be a very powerful experience. Not to mention you have such a handsome, relaxing voice. The moments of silence, where you allow the steps of the visualization to just happen are very hard to get just-right, the way you do here. Wonderful! May I re-blog this for my readers to try it too? Thank you for creating this and sharing it with us.

  4. Reblogged this on Modern Oracle Tarot and commented:
    This is SO excellent! Thank you to Mr. Ricklef!

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