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The Hierophant and The Lovers — Spiritual Messages of the Day

March 11, 2013

The spiritual messages for today are a couple of interrelated messages from two sequential cards: the Hierophant and the Lovers.

High Priest / Hierophant -- Tarot of the MastersHierophant:

On many versions of this card we see two crossed keys, one silver and the other gold. This symbol echoes the keys displayed on the Vatican Coat of Arms, which are a symbol of “binding and loosing,” meaning the papal authority to declare what is forbidden and what is permitted.

There, however, other ways to interpret these keys without locking them into meanings related to Christian iconography. One is that the teachings of religion should be keys to open the doors of reality and spirituality. Another meaning we may infer is that both internal and external teachers have their own wisdom to impart; they each have their own domain and time. These two teachers are tradition (external), and our own intuitive connection to the Divine (internal). Comparing and evaluating the relative wisdom of these two teachers is of crucial importance on a spiritual path and will be discussed below as it regards the Lovers card.

Tarot of the Masters -- Lovers cardLovers:

“Religion and theology either begin with personal experience, or they have no real starting point at all.” — Gary Dorrien

It is instructive to consider the sequential position of the Lovers card between the Hierophant (representing orthodox, traditional ways of doing things) and the Chariot (forging ahead on your own path). This placement implies that the Lovers card can be about questioning established thinking, choosing between tradition and new ways, and deciding what you want to take from tradition and what you need to discard from it as you find your own way.

Certainly we should consider the traditional wisdom that religion has accumulated over the centuries, but the motives of religious teachers (both historical and current) may not always be pure and their abilities aren’t perfect. Also, changing circumstances sometimes require new and unorthodox approaches. This is not to say that there inevitably comes a time when we must reject the beliefs and mores with which we were raised, but if we never question them, we will, by default, merely end up with someone else’s beliefs, which can be as ill-fitting as a hand-me-down coat. Thus this card can be about rejecting the religious dogma you were taught as a child and finding a spiritual path that now resonates with the truth of your being. Ultimately, this may be one of the most important choices you will ever face.

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