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Spiritual Tarot exploration

March 31, 2013

Hermit -- Tarot of the MastersI have written a lot of blog posts on the spiritual meanings of the cards (almost 300 so far!) in preparation for a book called “The Soul’s Journey.” Today I thought it might be a good time to talk a bit more about some ways you might use these meanings.

A while ago I discussed using these meanings in the context of a one-card reading. Perhaps the most obvious example of this is to use these meanings as a resource to illuminate a “card of the day” draw. In other words, at the start of each day, pull one Tarot card and look it up here and then consider one of the messages for the card as a lesson or insight to keep in mind throughout the day. (Suggestion: Carry the card with you throughout the day to help you keep it in mind.)

These spiritual card meanings are also a great resource for interpreting the cards in spiritually-oriented spreads. (I have created a category on this blog for such spreads.) For example, when a card comes up in a position defined as “How can I realize my oneness with the Divine?” the meanings discussed here on this blog will be much more appropriate and useful than the interpretations common in Tarot books. You might also use these spiritual meanings to infuse your everyday Tarot readings with a more sacred content.

Finally, you can read these blog posts either randomly or go through them in the order that they were posted as an exploration of spiritual messages, regardless of their card associations.

  1. I really enjoy reading yr daily emails. I’m bombarded with emails and tips. But I always make time to read yr “pithy” postings. I am looking forward to yr book. Many thanks 😉

    • Thank YOU! The book is taking longer than I expected (in large part due to other responsibilities coming up), but it is moving forward. I’ll let everyone know when it gets closer to coming out.

  2. Yes, great idea James to open up a wider range of meanings to the cards…

  3. Your spiritual card meanings are very iinsightful. I can’t wait for the book.

  4. Good luck with the book!

  5. Thank you, Sherryl and Modernoracle!

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