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The Hanged Man — Spiritual Message of the Day

April 9, 2013

Hanged Man -- Tarot of the Masters“Let go and let God” is a popular saying, and it is a very appropriate meaning for the Hanged Man card. Some people interpret this as “sit back, do nothing, and let God solve your problems,” but it is a much more subtle and profound concept than that. It is true that there often comes a time when we should stop struggling and allow the Divine to bring us what we need, and usually when we do that, things turn out well. But, of course, we should do what we can as well. (Consider the saying, “Trust in God, but steer away from the rocks.”)

At a deeper level, this saying means that the results the Divine brings us may not turn out to be what we want or expect, but that’s okay.  We ought to accept that the Divine will bring us the results that are right for our spiritual growth.  They won’t always be what we think are best for our worldly desires, but again, that’s okay. So perhaps the most profound interpretation of “Let go and let God” is that we need to stop insisting that our way is the right way. We need to stop resisting the will of the Divine.  In other words, this saying may be rewritten as “Let go of your way and let God show you another.”

If you enjoy these words of spiritual advice from the cards, you will love my new Tarot book called The Soul’s Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot.


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