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Pithy Tarot meanings — Hermit

May 19, 2013

Hermit -- Tarot of the Masters The Hermit:

All our loneliness is just an illusion.

I found this quote on a PostSecrets card today.

(Perhaps this pithy meaning is for the Hermit reversed?  Do you think so?)

Pithy Tarot card meanings are short, easy to remember meanings, and they will even stimulate further insights when called to mind during a reading.  In addition, they are fun.

  1. I don’t normally see the Hermit as lonely – a period of isolation to be able to study, or looking inward and then turning outward with what we have learned, even teaching at a spiritual, individual level (as opposed to the Hierophant’s institutional education). So yes, I’d prefer this pithy meaning for the Hermit reversed 🙂

    • Ah, but seeing that loneliness is an illusion (as opposed to merely experiencing loneliness) seems a particularly Hermit-ish discovery. That’s why I thought making it Hermit Rx was a bit of a conundrum. It’s sort of like how a double negative becomes a positive — merely being lonely would definitely be Hermit Rx, but realizing that it’s an illusion takes it back to the Hermit in a positive orientation.
      Hmm… Food for thought! 🙂

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