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Update: Tarot and Spirituality book

May 27, 2013

This is just a quick update on my Tarot and Spirituality book. The basic content of the book is coming from my Tarot and Spirituality posts here on this blog. I am expanding, reediting, and adding to the more than 300 such posts as well as adding new content such as spreads for more spiritual readings.

Hermit -- Tarot of the MastersThe tentative title and subtitle for this book is The Soul’s Journey: Spiritual messages from the Tarot and I am now hoping to have the book completed by mid to late summer. My idea at this time is to feature the Hermit card on the cover, but I am open to other suggestions still.

So keep your eyes on this blog for more updates soon!

  1. LOVE IT! Good news. Looking forward to purchasing and reading. Will it be only print but also Kindle? Self-publishing? Might do well via Kindle. Amazon offers interesting promos to turn it into a best seller, plus Kindle deals to raise awareness. Would be a useful marketing achievement.

    Amazon offers info online, plus many very inexpensive Kindle books discussing how to use Amazon to effectively market one’s book. I usually curl up in bed with a stack of books, but one can download most any Kindle onto most any computer or phone. No need to be online, I believe. I’ve yet to try that.

    Why the Hermit? Because looking within and also outward, alone, leads one’s soul to deeper spirituality? Harder to achieve if around others or under their influence? I haven’t time to read what you’ve written about the Hermit. Perhaps when asking for feedback, providing links and a summary opens the flow of responses. The Hermit quite perfect, based on my assumptions. I am not as sophisticated as you, hence my every day reading. I often quote and link to you on my Facebook page and encourage others to sign up.

    I’d capitalize Spiritual Messages from the Tarot. Spiritual and Messages relate to each other. Spiritual is an adjective describing the Messages, the noun. Better visual flow of typography too. “from the” are typically not capitalized as they connect the beginning of the phrase/sentence to the last end, Tarot, another noun.

    Take care and yay for you. And us! 😉

    • Thank you for the kind words!
      I plan to self publish, at least at the outset. I have had good luck so far with in that way. As for Kindle, perhaps at some point, but (as I discovered when I did my Tarot Affirmations kindle edition) it is really hard to create a Kindle version of a book.
      As for the Hermit, I like that card for this book because he is a spiritual seeker and teacher both. I also associate that card with a quote that I like for this book as well:
      “I’m not a teacher, only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead — ahead of myself as well as you.” — George Bernard Shaw
      That said, I am also considering the World card as it illustrates a Soul within the material world.
      PS: Thank you also for encouraging others to visit my blog.

      • Thanks for prompt reply. I almost suggested CreateSpace, but figured you had the print end covered. I’m planning on creating on a Kindle photo and story book. A color print book of my punk photos would be prohibitively expensive to produce and sell.

        I’ve purchased a few Kindle rock photo books and satisfied with results. Purchased a few Kindle books on creating Kindle books (sometimes good deals under $4). Just licensed Scrivener, great program to organize text and notes for writing. It’s supposed to work well for converting to Kindle. I’ve many word processing and page layout programs and experience.

        Since you first explored Kindles, I wonder how much the technology improved. Amazon wants Kindles to be successful, but takes time to develop technology. It’s also how much time, patience and tech skills WE can devote to this.

        Technology allows us to do it ourselves. But also requires a huge investment of time and focus to do it right. I spend FAR more time acquiring and learning how to do something than creating! I’m sure your print book will do well!

  2. Good luck! 😀

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