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Spiritual Message of the Ace of Swords

July 30, 2013

The wise are pleased when they discover truth, fools when they discover falsehoods. – Unknown

Ace of Swords -- Tarot of the MastersSometimes when I share a wisdom quote with someone, I find that they have a quick negative reaction to it (“Oh, I don’t believe that!”) instead of considering it to see what insight there may be in it and what they might learn from it.  Of course, short quotes are open to interpretation, and no one, regardless of how many wisdom quotes are attributed to them, is perfect.  But it always amazes me when someone is so quick to assume and eager to insist that they are wiser than Plato, Mahatma Gandhi, or Albert Einstein.

Of course, we all do something of this sort from time to time.  Are we so completely wedded to our worldview that we resist any challenge to our opinions?  Or do we, impelled by our egos, try to prove that other opinions are wrong (and thus that we know more than other people do) in an ongoing attempt at self-aggrandizement?  Perhaps sometimes we misinterpret things people say because we are hearing them through the distortion of our fears.  Indeed, I have often found that when I ask someone why they disagree with a quote, their explanations reveal their own fears and past wounds rather than their understanding of what I have said.  Probably, though, it is a mixture of all of these.

And so this card tells us that a search for truth is of the soul whereas a search to find fault and prove people wrong is of the ego.  Thus, it urges us to look first for the truth in what we hear and to resist the temptation to attack and prove people wrong out of reflex.

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One Comment
  1. Johan Baker Steinfeld permalink

    I love the Swords ~ but then I have a lot of Mercury in my chart. Thanks for the card and your insights. Simple but I couldn’t agree more.

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