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A Comic Strip Tarot reading

September 1, 2013

Today I found a humorous Tarot reading in a “Get Fuzzy” comic strip, which you can see here:  This is a comic strip, so of course we must take it lightly, but there are a few interesting comments that ti brings up.

First, there is a bit of a serious lesson in this “reading”.  It illustrates the risks of interpreting the cards literally.  Not that the cards never have literal interpretations (I talk about “literalisms” in my book, Tarot Reading Explained, and in one of my blog posts from a few years past.), but we should be wary of taking the easy way out when we read the cards.

Of course, the Death card came up.  Doesn’t it always in pop culture readings?  And (unfortunately, but inevitably) it always indicates a physical death in such readings.  This raises question though:
“Would you ever tell someone that the Death card predicts a literal death?”
A couple of years ago I posted a poll about this on my blog, and you can read the results here:  In fact, I did not close the poll, so you can still weigh in on this question if you want to.

Finally, I’m curious how other people might interpret the cards that came up in this comic strip reading? Just as a quick interpretation of those 3 cards together.  —
. Hermit, Queen of Cups, Death

Here is what came to me:
When you make a soulful search for the meaning of love and relationships, it can result in a profound transformation in your life.

If you have a different interpretation, post it here in the comments section, OK?  I’d be interested to see it.

  1. Hermit, Queen of Cups, Death: I guess the short interpretation would be along similar lines as yours, James….

    Seeking a place of inner solace, to engage upon a spiritual quest; with the introduction of loving, attentive creativity, or managed through the same; results in spiritual transformation.

    The Hermit suggests turning inward for the inspection of spiritual values, helping us to discern that which is truly important. The Queen of Cups suggests the importance of *mindfully* bringing Love to our acts of creation. Together these cards speak of our inner spirit -our pneuma- which we are creating through Love, maturity, and empathy. This is also the aspect of the Work done most closely in the physical & psychological realms (as the Queen is of the Minor Acranca). The result we find transformative (Death). If we are fortunate, for others as well as ourselves.

    Certainly a beautiful series of cards! Lucky dog! 😉 heheh

    • Well, he’s lucky if he gets a good reader like one of us to interpret the cards for him instead of Bucky, the cat. 🙂

  2. Carey Croft permalink

    The Hermit has within him the unconditional love of our spirit self. Also the spiritual awareness of our creative consciousness. The Queen of Cups is emotionally supportive, compassionate, and creative. So these two cards suggest to me the the way we relate to ourselves and others on a deeper level of creativity, compassion and spirit. The Death card to me refers to a process of transformation and change (as well as literal death in certain circumstances) which promotes a higher level of self expression and understanding. So by acknowledging and allowing ourselves to be in touch with the unconditional love, (as much as is possible for us), within us while living that through the way we express our compassion and emotional support we will bring about the transformational changes that spirit guides us towards.

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