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Hype and Scoop readings

October 1, 2013

About 15 years ago I attended a workshop presented by Thalassa (of SF/BATS fame) in which she had us as a group do something called a “Hype and Scoop” reading.  (She said that this game is described in the Baseball Tarot deck’s Little White Book, but I don’t have that deck to verify this.)  What’s nice about the “Hype and Scoop” is that it is a type of reading that works rather well for doing readings for yourself as well as being a fun one for a group setting.  Here’s how you do it in a group:

First, everyone pulls 2 cards.  The first card is the “Hype” and the second one is the “Scoop”.  The Hype is “what you think it’s about” while the Scoop is “what it’s really about.”  (And what is “it”?  It’s whatever comes to you when you do this process.)  In a group setting, you then go around the group, one by one, with each person interpreting the cards they got with the help of everyone there.  Here’s an example:

We did the “Hype and Scoop” at a Tarot meetup group a few years ago, and one person there got the following cards:  Queen of Swords, Four of Swords

………….. RWS 2.0 Queen of Swords  RWS 2.0 Four of Swords

This person was perplexed by those cards, but I remembered that earlier that evening he had voiced some complaints about his girlfriend.  So the “Hype and Scoop” message I got was this:

You think she’s being a bitch, but really, she just needs some space.

(PS: He really appreciated that insight!)

So when you do this type of reading, let your intuition bring you the subject of the reading as well as the messages of the cards. It all works together.







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