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My own little Tower event

October 19, 2013

RWS 2.0 TowerThe Tower can indicate an unexpected event that is (to say the least) disruptive.  But it can have benefits in that disruption shakes things up a bit, which can lead to a creative time.  So here is my Tower event and how I’m dealing with it.

My laptop died a couple of days ago.  It is in the shop awaiting a new mother board, so I’ll be without a computer for a few more days.  (Thank God I have been pretty good about doing backups, although it turns out that it was not the hard drive that failed.)  However, I do a LOT of my work using my computer (writing books, connecting with clients, testing of my new App, etc.), so this is very disruptive!  I do have intermittent computer / Internet access, but it’s less than optimal (to put it nicely).  So I’m being forced to pare my Internet work to a bare minimum, but maybe that’s not so bad if it means dropping some non essentials.   And it also gives me a bit more time to focus on reviewing the proof copy of my new book, which arrived a couple of days ago.

In short, this Tower event has forced some reevaluation and refocusing of my efforts.  Indeed, there is usually a silver lining in the gray clouds of the Tower card… if we look for it.









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  1. Congrats on the proof of yr new book! And for backing up. Life is what we make of it, seeing the silver lining is often the only thing we can do to stay alive and do our best. My best to you, James.

  2. Carey Croft permalink

    My own tower event pushed me to write a book, as well as focus on the more important things in life. A blessing in disguise for sure.

  3. Isn’t that the way it always goes? “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands” as Richard Bach put it.

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