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Fortune Cookie Tarot – Things of Luxury

November 8, 2013

Nine of Coins -- Tarot of the MastersIn my Fortune Cookie Tarot game, you consider which Tarot card you would associate with the fortune you get.

I got the following message in my fortune cookie tonight:
“You will be surrounded by things of luxury.”

This made me think of the Nine of Pentacles, and I thought, “Oh, how propitious!”  But then I thought about the peculiar wording in this fortune—the use of “surrounded by”—and I remembered how misleading prophesies can be.  (Consider the famous example of the Oracle of Delphi advising a king that “a great empire will fall” if he invades another country, and that king wrongly assuming that the doomed empire was his enemy’s, not his.)  And so I realized that this fortune could just as well be saying something much less exciting.  For example, it could say that I am going to get a job at Macy’s.

This highlights the dangers of doing readings for ourselves: we tend to interpret things in ways that accord with our hopes … or fears.  It also bears the advice that when we get a reading, we should ask for clarification of things that seem ambiguous and not make assumptions.  And this also suggests another way to interpret the Nine of Pentacles. We typically assume that the opulent surroundings depicted in this card belong to the person in it, but perhaps that’s not the case.  Perhaps we should also consider that she may just be working someplace where she is “surrounded by things of luxury.”  That can certainly put a different spin on the meanings available to this card, can’t it!

  1. What a fun post! To me, it acts as a reminder that there is a difference between prophesying and exploring themes. And that I love the cards because they can show me things that aren’t within my consciousness as either hopes or fears… 🙂

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