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Page of Wands — Encourage nascent creativity

December 31, 2013

Youth / Page of Wands -- Tarot of the MastersThe Page of Wands may be considered to be about youth and creativity, which was the topic of a conversation I had today with a friend.  He told me that he had given a guitar as a Christmas gift to his nephew who is interested in music.  He did this because he wanted to encourage the child’s creativity.  Now this sounds like an obvious stance to take, but how many of us were encouraged in our creative desires when we were kids?  (I know I wasn’t.)  In fact, how many of us actively encourage kids in that way?  This card advises us to do that. 

Another thing to consider here is that deep down inside, most of us are kids with some sort of stifled creative urges.  But that doesn’t have to remain the case, regardless of how old we are.  For example, I have a friend who recently retired, and she is now taking painting classes.  So this card can also urge us to foster our own creativity.  In fact, that might be a great New Year’s resolution.  Perhaps you can resolve to take a cooking class, to start playing the piano again, or to finally write that book you’ve been putting off for so long.  After all, the expression of our creativity is one of the most essential aspects of truly living our lives.

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about how children enthusiastically profess their creative abilities while most of us adults do not.  How sad a change that is.  Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if the powerful creative drive of children weren’t systematically stifled in our culture?  And how much better would it be if we would all encourage the creative expression of our own inner child?  So take the advice of the Page of Wands and resolve this year to create this change in the world by making it in yourself. Encourage your own creativity; it’s a beautiful thing.

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