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The Pithy Tarot eBook is finally here!

January 19, 2014

Pithy Tarot coverI am happy to announce that my Kindle book of pithy Tarot meanings is now available on Amazon!  Fans of my pithy Tarot meanings have long requested a book version of these many (over 400) card interpretations, so I have created this inexpensive Kindle version.

These card meanings range from being fun and amusing to profound and inspirational. Some are famous quotes or aphorisms, and others are philosophical truths; some give advice, and others warnings; some are spiritual insights, and others seem more like what we traditionally call “fortunes.” In any case, these pithy Tarot meanings will help you both in your discovery of the Tarot and in your experience of life.

By the way, this book also includes a bit of commentary on and explanation of many of these pithy meanings of the cards. Also note that you do not have to have a Kindle to read a kindle book.  There is free software out there that lets you do so from your iPhone, PC, etc.







  1. That’s great! I love these – I’ve already purchased my copy. 😉

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