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Tarot Brainstorming

March 6, 2014

My book, The Soul’s Journey is doing well so far, but I would like to reach a wider audience with it, so today I was wondering what else I can do to publicize it. Then it hit me: I had not yet asked the Tarot for suggestions.  Of course, it is hard to do a reading for yourself (there is a truism that you are the hardest person to do a reading for), but I have developed several “Tarot for Empowerment” techniques that can help get around that problem.  One such technique, which I call “Brainstorming with the Tarot,” uses the cards to facilitate a brainstorming session to get ideas.  Here is a quick overview of the process:

  • Go through your deck, cards face up, and use your intuitive reactions to quickly pull cards that seem to suggest actions or steps you can take to solve your problem or further your success.
  • Based on the cards you pulled, write a list of things you can do in the short term.  Brainstorm this:  Write anything that comes to mind without censoring any ideas.
  • Once you have a list of actions, choose at least one of them and commit to doing something, no matter how small a step, to work toward accomplishing it within the next twenty-four hours.

What follows is one of the cards I pulled along with the actions it suggested.  (Note: I used the Alchemical Tarot deck by Robert Place.  Some of the cards in that deck are fundamentally different from the RWS versions, so I have included a picture for one such card, the Five of Swords.)

Alchemical Tarot Five SwordsSix of Cups: The idea I got from this card is that I should offer quick, free one-card readings using the material in The Soul’s Journey.  The venue I saw for this would be my Tarot Facebook page (LIKE that page if you want to participate in this!) so it could be open to comments and feedback, which furthers the visibility for my book.  (I also pulled the Five of Swords, which suggested that I tell people that these readings will focus on healing your psyche, which will lead to practical solutions as a result.  Note that the AT’s Five of Swords has a more positive spin than the RWS’s.)

So I have a few requests for my readers here:

  • Check out my book, The Soul’s Journey.  (And if you have other ideas or offers for publicizing it, let me know!)
  • LIKE my Tarot Facebook page so you can participate in this journey: either to get a reading or to participate in the discussions, which will expand upon your understanding of my book.
  • Post a comment here if you’ve used the Tarot for brainstorming and let us know how that has worked out for you, or come back and comment if you want to try it.

Postscript:  This is just one way to use Tarot cards for brainstorming.  There are other ways, which I’ll write about another time.


  1. My 2 cents: I was hoping you would devote a blog of FB page to this soul work with tarot project. The pithy meanings are great, but this work deserves it’s own space so I’m happy it is getting one. I really enjoyed your “Justice” card talk on the Tarot Telesummmit.

  2. You should also make youtube videos where you do a reading for someone. It is a huge source of traffic and in the description, put a link to your book. I’m sure people will buy it and subscribe to your channel. Good luck!

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